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There are a plethora of resources for you to find throughout your time in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. From more advanced items like Military Tech to common materials like resin, you will need to do a ton of searching in order to have enough for any upgrades you may want. However, almost all of those upgrades or purchases will involve scraps. Scraps can be one of the most common and yet difficult to find materials in all of Dying Light 2.

Scraps are considered a common resource in terms of rarity but they can be somewhat challenging to find. While you can always buy them off vendors, that can get expensive and your hard-earned coins are better spent elsewhere to begin with. If you keep reading below, you’ll learn exactly where you can add mass amounts of scraps to your inventory.

Finding scraps in Dying Light 2

Whether you’re crafting a new weapon mod or trying to upgrade a piece of gear, you will need scraps to do it in almost all cases. In order to find more of it, your best bet is to simply go explore the world of either Old Villedor or the Central Loop. If you’re in a building, activate your Survivor Senses and light up any item around you. Open up crates, containers, boxes, lockers, etc. and you’ll be finding scraps left and right.

However, an alternative method is to kill Infected and loot their corpses. It’s probably best to do this during the daytime, as nighttime can get pretty extreme with the amount of Infected in most locations. As you’re going along killing Infected, progressing your Combat Skill, stop to search their bodies and you’ll be picking up scraps around half of the time.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Scraps
The in-game description for scraps in Dying Light 2. | Provided by Techland

A great location to kill Infected in waves is in GRE Facilities. These facilities are home to Inhibitors and other rare items, such as crystals. They also house a solid number of Infected that you can take down pretty easily if you funnel them through a choke point.

Regardless, finding scraps is just about exploring the world, interacting with containers to see what’s inside and looting the bodies of Infected.

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