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Throughout your time in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, you’ll come across the need for rarer resources. Whether it’s for a quest or to upgrade a particular piece of gear, rare materials are required at various points along the story. If you’re looking to upgrade your paraglider, though, you’ll have to possess some Military Tech, a rare commodity in Dying Light 2.

Military Tech is actually encountered very early on in the game. One of the first missions with Hakon has you opening a crate with the GRE Key, revealing a piece of Military Tech. Unfortunately, you need to give that to Cillian in order to escape a horde of zombies from chasing you.

Fear not, though, as you can Military Tech at certain locations around the map. Those locations will take some work to get to, however.

Finding Military Tech in Dying Light 2

To go about finding this ancient piece of equipment, you will need to take to the rooftops. However, these rooftops aren’t like the ones you cross when parkouring around Villedor. Instead, you need to ascend the skyscrapers of the city.

Military Tech is predominantly found in Military Airdrops, which are mostly located on the roofs of tall buildings. Their location is hidden on the map with a “?” but you’ll know if it’s an airdrop if it has the care package icon, as seen below.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Military Tech
One of the Military Airdrops in the Central Loop. | Provided by Techland

Once you have found a Military Airdrop location, you need to open the crate on top of the roof. This crate will hold some rare gear and other consumables. But the real prize is the Military Tech that you acquire from putting your GRE Key into the crate. After this, a piece of Military Tech will pop out.

This resource is essential to upgrading the paraglider. You can learn how to do that exactly in a previous guide on Upcomer. Basically, though, you’ll need three pieces of Military Tech every time you want to upgrade the glider.

As long as you’re diligent in searching Villedor, you’ll come across pieces of Military Tech in no time.

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