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On Monday, Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons launches as the MMORPG’s third expansion, but with ArenaNet located on the west coast the time for the Canthan expansion release varies across regions.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is planned to release on Minday at 12 p.m. ET. For Europe, that’s 6 p.m. CET, while players in Tokyo get to visit Cantha at 2 p.m. End of Dragons is upon us soon and sees players return to the continent of Cantha for the first time since 2012 in the final patch of the original Guild Wars ahead of the sequel’s release.

The End of Dragons release time opens the gates to Cantha

When the clock rings 12 p.m. ET on Monday, players get to visit one of the most-requested places in the lore. Guild Wars 2 launched in 2012 and immediately, players began to request a Canthan expansion someday, to which Arenanet responded with a firm “no” for the time being.

That all changes nearly 10 years after the game’s release. Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons re-introduces Cantha, as well as a host of other new features, such as the two-player Siege Turtle Mount, Elite Specializations for all professions, sailable skiffs, fishing and a neat little upgradable companion, the Jade Bot.

On Monday players will finally find out what ArenaNet has cooked up in the four-and-a-half years since the last expansion. While there was a full season in-between, the Icebrood Saga, players were afraid that the game was on its last legs, especially considering the layoffs and canceled projects in recent years.

Despite the poorly received ending of the Icebrood Saga, which was compared to the ending of “Game of Thrones,” player excitement is rising with the upcoming expansion and the return of Colin Johanson, the original Guild Wars 2 Game Director. Johanson left the studio in 2016 to join Amazon Game Studios, but returned to ArenaNet as the Studio Director in a surprise announcement.

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