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The newest god to join SMITE is Jade Emperor Yu Huang, the official SMITE Twitter announced on Monday before sharing Developer insights and hints about his gameplay on Tuesday.

SMITE Jade Emperor gameplay

The gameplay for Yu Huang will be revealed during an upcoming Smite Update Show on Twitch. In addition to the ability reveals, these shows typically include tips on how to make the most of a god’s unique gameplay features.

So far, the developers revealed that Yu Huang has Dao as a resource management passive. He can gain Dao slowly by taking combat breaks, or he can obtain the resource faster via a charge up ability. When he has enough Dao, he can use it to attune his abilities and basic attacks.

Jade Emperor Yu Huang concept art
Jade Emperor Yu Huang concept art. | Provided by Hi-Rez Studios

The developers also provided insights about his targeter shape, which is a circle with an “X” inside it. Alongside this is a new target type, featuring a hinged line targeter, a projectile at range that charges at him and simultaneously a projectile that can fire from his location. There’s an extra explosive effect when players intersect these, as well.

The new SMITE god also has a unique movement ability, which is “a slow moving self-banish.” Additionally, a new Chinese dragon character model is used in two different abilities.

Yu Huang embraces Chinese themes

Hailing from the Chinese pantheon, Yu Huang is a Mage hero who is centered around the theme of authority. According to the developer insights, the Jade Emperor has a mastery over people, creatures, gods and the elements. The new SMITE god is also royal in his design with his crown, flowing robes and an emphasis on ornate patterns. In terms of Yu Huang’s character, he is wise and benevolent.

“Many gods in mythology are flawed, vain, and arrogant. Yu Huang is not like those other gods,” the developer insights revealed, referring to his altruistic nature.

SMITE Yu Huang concept art
More Jade Emperor concept art. | Provided by Hi-Rez Studios

Respect is the final core theme of the Jade Emperor from SMITE, as he exudes prestige and power. The SMITE developers aim to stay true to the goal of making him impressively detailed and awe-inspiring in terms of aesthetics.

This is further emphasized with a jade emblem that has a phoenix and a dragon on it. When seen together, these symbols represent Yin and Yang. While the phoenix symbolizes beauty, rebirth and fire, the dragon represents power, success and water.