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Along any player’s travels in Elden Ring, they will come across a number of items out in the world. From standard crafting items to rare collectibles, players won’t grow bored exploring the landscape for all of its treasures. One of the most valuable items that players can stumble across in Elden Ring, though, are Golden Runes.

Runes are the main currency in Elden Ring. You can see how many Runes you currently have if you open up the menu and look at the bottom-right corner of the screen. More often than not, you will have a lower Rune count. Whether you just spent them all on a new Ash of War or recently died, you’ll likely always need more Runes. Luckily, if you find any Golden Runes out in the world, you can use them to increase your overall Rune count in Elden Ring.

Using Golden Runes in Elden Ring

You can find Golden Runes anywhere when exploring the open world of FromSoftware’s newest title. From being found on random structures to being located deep in a dungeon, Golden Runes are all around you. They appear as small, glowing objects on the ground and, at first, you might not know what to do with them when they’re added to your inventory.

Elden Ring Golden Rune
Golden Runes are all around you and appear as small, glowing objects on the ground. | Provided by FromSoftware

If you visit your inventory, though, you can see the Golden Rune listed near the bottom of the screen. There are different types of Golden Runes but they all reward you with extra Runes. If you click on the Golden Rune’s icon and press “Use,” you will trigger your character to smash the rune against their body. This rewards you with a specific number of Runes. You can also sell the runes to a merchant for the same price.

The higher rarity the Golden Rune you find is, the more Runes you will accrue. The lowest possible number to receive is 200 Runes so, either way, you’re adding quite a bit to your overall count. Just pay attention to any glowing objects on the ground during your travels and you’ll be finding Golden Runes in no time.

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