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With any massively multiplayer online role-playing game, there are some players who only want to participate in Player vs. Player combat. While Lost Ark has much more depth to it, its PvP combat is arguably the best part of the game. However, just as with other MMORPG titles, you won’t be able to participate in PvP as soon as you enter the world of Arkesia. Instead, you have to wait to PvP until you reach a certain level in Lost Ark.

While this might be disappointing to some players, it certainly makes sense in the grand scheme of things. If a low-level player were to enter a PvP arena, they would instantly get demolished by higher-level players, potentially ruining their experience. Having PvP unlock at a later level also lets players build their class how they want and ensure that they’re ready for what PvP has to offer.

Below, you can see what level you need to be to participate in PvP in Lost Ark and how it works.

The unlock level for PvP in Lost Ark

The ability to PvP in Lost Ark unlocks at Level 26. The time it takes to reach this level will truly depend on how you spend your time in Arkesia. Most players will suggest that new accounts participate in every quest they can find in Lost Ark, as this is the most efficient way to level in PvE. Quests will allow you to see the world, find new items and hone your class by fighting PvE mobs. You’ll learn the combat system and how your class works on your way to reaching Level 26.

Once you’re at the minimum level, you might want to look up some PvP builds for your particular class. Lost Ark has been fully released for years in Korea, so there are hundreds of guides that tell you exactly what you need to succeed in PvP. Just because your build works in PvE, it does not mean it will succeed in PvP. You can read our breakdown of the top five classes and how combat works in Lost Ark for a better idea of what will work.

PvP will definitely take some practice in Lost Ark before you can start chaining some wins together. You’ll need to figure out if your build works better in the 1v1 or 3v3 PvP arena and how to consistently deal damage to an opponent. This will require mastery of your class and deciding what weapons, spells and other factors that you want to use. While it’s a learning process, it’s extremely rewarding and can make your time in Lost Ark much more enjoyable.

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