What is the max level in Skull and Bones?
What is the max level in Skull and Bones?
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What is the max level in Skull and Bones?

The top level you can reach as a pirate

One of your many goals in Skull and Bones is to level up your character and ship, which share the same level. Your ship level is different from your Infamy Rank, which you progress through in an entirely separate way. There are also far fewer Infamy Ranks than there are levels in Skull and Bones, which makes reaching the max level a much tougher task.

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Of course, if you don’t know what the max level is, then you’re in the dark regarding progression. I’ve already gone over every Infamy Rank in Skull and Bones, so now let’s see how many levels there are to be earned during your time as a pirate legend in the East Indies.

The max level in Skull and Bones

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At the time of writing, it’s fairly unknown what the actual max level is in Skull and Bones. Players during the recent open beta claimed they reached upwards of levels 10 and 11, with no one reporting they reached past level 11. So, by all accounts, it seems the max level in Skull and Bones is level 11.

It’s entirely possible there are more levels to reach by participating in some of the end-game content that Skull and Bones offers, such as PvP and world events. However, players who reached the highest levels during the beta stated the XP rate slows to a crawl once you reach level 10. Of course, that was during the beta, so there could be more content in the full release’s endgame that offer better XP rates and allow you to surpass level 11.

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However, right now, there’s no indication Skull and Bones goes past level 11 for your ship. This also corresponds with the Infamy Ranks, as there are 10 of those as well. We’ll have to wait and see if some bold pirates are able to surpass ship level 11, or if that really is the max level in the full release of Skull and Bones.

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