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As you progress further and further in Skull and Bones, you’ll need to acquire more advanced resources. One of the resources you start to need plenty of after the first few hours of Skull and Bones is Cast Iron Ingots.

These ingots are primarily used to create new ships at Shipwright, as they are a common ingredient needed for plenty of ship recipes. You’ll also use them to craft other blueprints and for various ship upgrades in Skull and Bones, such as new weapons and armor. Once you know where Cast Iron Ingots come from, the process is fairly simple and doesn’t take much time. You can see exactly how to acquire the resource in Skull and Bones in the guide below.

Getting Cast Iron Ingots in Skull and Bones

Cast Iron Ingots can easily be made at the Refinery shop in Skull and Bones. This shop is available right away at the settlement of Sainte-Anne; it’s directly next to the Shipwright’s shop, for reference.

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To make Cast Iron Ingots here, you need a healthy supply of Bog Iron, which is refined into the ingots. The Refinery handles all of the Bog Iron refining, but you need to bring them the iron to refine first. Once you have some Bog Iron, either in your inventory or at your warehouse, you can have the Refinery start crafting Cast Iron Ingots. Three Bog Iron makes one ingot, and it only takes the Refinery a second or two to make the ingots.

After all your ingots have been made, you can pick them up from the “Finished Goods” tab at the Refinery. They’re then transferred into your inventory and you can build whatever you want with them.

How to get Bog Iron in Skull and Bones

Bog Iron is primarily looted by using a Pickaxe at ore locations around the map. As such, you need a Pickaxe, which is made at the Carpenter’s shop for two Torn Sails and one Broken Plank.

With your Pickaxe, set sail on your ship and open your map to look for brown ore icons. This is where you’ll find Bog Iron, which you can mine with your Pickaxe while still on board your ship. Simply go near the coast where Bog Iron is, press the interact key when prompted, and your character will start using their Pickaxe to mine the ore.

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In addition to finding it on various islands across the map, you can also loot Bog Iron from destroying enemy ships in Skull and Bones. However, mining it from ore veins is a far more reliable and easier way of finding Bog Iron, so I recommend trying your luck with that first.