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One of the primary objectives in Skull and Bones is to earn more Infamy and increase your Infamy Rank. This is the main form of progression for your character, as reaching higher Infamy Ranks gets you access to better loot, advanced quests, and more.

While gaining Infamy and increasing your rank is great, you might be curious to know what the eventual end goal is. Below, you can see every achievable Infamy Tank in Skull and Bones as well as the best ways to go about earning Infamy.

Every Infamy Rank in Skull and Bones

Currently, after the conclusion of the open beta, there are 10 achievable Infamy Ranks in Skull and Bones. However, it’s widely believed there are more than 10, which will be available when the full game releases. For now, though, you can see all of the current Infamy Ranks below:

  1. Outcast
  2. Scoundrel
  3. Rover
  4. Freebooter
  5. Buccaneer
  6. Brigand
  7. Marauder
  8. Corsair
  9. Cutthroat
  10. Kingpin

After you earn a new Infamy Rank, make sure to check our Mail. A mysterious benefactor sends you new items every time you reach a new rank, some of which are extremely useful. You also want to check around Sainte-Anne and the other hubs in Skull and Bones, as reaching new Infamy Ranks can unlock different content, such as blueprints and quests.

Best ways to earn Infamy in Skull and Bones

Main quests reward you with Infamy. Screenshot via Upcomer

If you want to fly through the Infamy Ranks as quickly as possible, then I suggest you complete as many Contracts as possible in Skull and Bones. You can find plenty of Contracts to complete by docking at different settlements around the map and speaking to the inhabitants. Most of them will have at least one Contract to take on, with others having multiple. Completing Contracts rewards you with a modest amount of Infamy, but that really starts to stack up as you finish more and more of them.

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You also want to keep an eye out for any in-game Events that are going on, as these reward a solid amount of Infamy as well. Aside from that, complete the main storyline quests, defeat enemy ships, enter new regions, and dock at settlements to earn Infamy and shoot up the ranks to become the ultimate pirate in Skull and Bones.

I’ll update this guide if more Infamy Ranks become available after the launch of the game.