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The world of Lost Ark takes place in Arkesia; a sprawling land with oceans to sail, mountains to scale and forests to traverse. The MMO has many different mechanics and intricacies that the new western audience will need to learn, as well as rewards for learning these mechanics and finding different collectibles throughout the world. One of the key ways you can earn rewards in Lost Ark is by finding Mokoko Seeds.

There are over 1,200 Mokoko Seeds to find in Lost Ark. Each town and region has several to find, meaning you’ll be searching for the seeds for most of your playtime in the world of Arkesia. While this might seem like a time-consuming task, you should keep in mind the rewards you’ll receive for finding a certain amount of the seeds.

All Mokoko Seeds rewards in Lost Ark

To find a Mokoko Seed on your map, look for a yellow and green fruit icon. There should be at least one of these in every new area you explore. While the seeds open up very early in Lost Ark, you can’t exchange them for rewards until you reach Mokoko Village, which is found on Tortoyk Island.

Once on the island, you can speak to the NPC Totoma to turn in your Mokoko Seeds for rewards. Those rewards, and how many seeds you need to turn in to earn the specific reward, are viewable below.

  • Totoma Card – 50 Mokoko Seeds
  • Kindness Potion – 100 Mokoko Seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Application Form: Chicachica – 150 Mokoko Seeds
  • Vitality Increase Potion – 200 Mokoko Seeds
  • Crew Application Form: Cororico – 250 Mokoko Seeds
  • Stat Increase Potion – 300 Mokoko Seeds
  • Mokamoka Card – 350 Mokoko Seeds
  • Paradise’s Knight License – 400 Mokoko Seeds
  • 15 Eurus Blueprint – 450 Mokoko Seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko – 500 Mokoko Seeds
  • 3 Shy Wind Flower Pollen – 550 Mokoko Seeds
  • 20 Eurus Blueprint – 600 Mokoko Seeds
  • Crew Application Form: Poipoi – 650 Mokoko Seeds
  • Title: Mokoko Hunter – 700 Mokoko Seeds
  • Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument – 750 Mokoko Seeds
  • Transform: Egg of Creation – 800 Mokoko Seeds
  • Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind Paruru – 850 Mokoko Seeds
  • Background: Moki Toki – 900 Mokoko Seeds
  • Masterpiece #32 – 950 Mokoko Seeds
  • Ship Model: Blooming Caravel – 1,000 Mokoko Seeds
  • Crew Application Form: Narinari – 1,050 Mokoko Seeds
  • Title: Nice Smelling – 1,100 Mokoko Seeds
  • Masterpiece #44 – 1,150 Mokoko Seeds
  • Mokoko Charm – 1,200 Mokoko Seeds
  • Weird Mokoko Emoji Pack – 1,250 Mokoko Seeds

It’s up to each individual player if these rewards are worth the hassle of hunting down all 1,250 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark. However, even if you don’t think so, tracking them all down just gives you one more thing to accomplish in Arkesia.

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