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The Fortnite Season 9 Week 2 challenges have leaked early thanks to data-miner @Lucas7yoshi_. On this list, a classic “Visit” Fortnite challenge is featured. For one Week 2 challenge, players will need to visit an oversized Phone, a big Piano, and a giant Dancing Fish trophy.

These types of tasks are a staple of Battle Pass challenges in Fortnite. Ever since Season 3, some variation of this challenge has been present. However, in past seasons, Fortnite has stepped up its game when choosing the location of the hidden structures.

Season 9 is no different, as the three oversized items are found in peculiar places. Here’s where you can find all three and complete this Battle Pass challenge.

The Oversized Phone

The first part of this challenge has players searching for an Oversized Phone somewhere on the island. However, if players remember the  Dial the Durr Burger challenge from Season 8, then you know exactly where to go.

Fortnite Season 9 Week 2 oversized Phone

Dial the Durr Burger, Pizza Pit number: Fortnite Season 8 Week 8 challenges Battle Pass

On the snowy mountain southwest of Fatal Fields is where you can find this phone. It is one of the first things you see when first crossing over into the snow biome from Fatal. Simply stand next to it, make sure your progress counts, and then move on to part two!

The Big Piano

Next up is the Big Piano that also has a past history in Fortnite challenges. In Season 7 Week 2, players needed to find two different pianos and play notes on them. Well, one of those pianos is being utilized once again.

big Piano

big piano

The piano you want to be looking for is right in-between the hero’s mansion and Lonely Lodge. It is near the coast and on top of a hill. Again, just stand next to it, maybe play a couple of notes, and you’re on to the final part!

The giant Dancing Fish trophy

For the last stage of this challenge, make your way over to the newly added Mega Mall. Just southwest of the Mall is a broken house with a huge fish sticking out of the roof. If you didn’t guess already, this is the fish you need to visit.

giant Dancing Fish trophy

giant Dancing Fish trophy

Some might recognize this trophy as the fish that once hung on the Bass Pro Shop-style store in the blacktops of Retail Row. However, Retail was demolished by lava rocks and sent this dancing fish through the roof of a nearby house.

Build your way onto this roof, say hello to an old friend, and you’ve completed this Battle Pass challenge! But remember, the Week 2 challenges don’t go live until Thursday.

We hope this guide helped you complete this challenge! Stay tuned for more Fortnite Season 9 challenge guides!

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