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There’s nothing we love more at Upcomer than arguing about which esport is the best.

But how about esports events? We all have our own personal favorite, but how does it stack against a historic competition like Dota 2’s The International? Or an action-packed CS:GO Major? Of course, we can’t forget about the the most popular esports event on the planet, League of Legends Worlds, either. Still think your favorite event holds its own with the best of them?

This week on Top Tier, our hosts Tyler “Fionn” Erzberger, Yinsu Colins, Nick Ray and Colin McNeil separate the basement dwelling, lawn chair LAN events from the must-see meccas of live esports entertainment.

Ranking every esports event

The Mobile Legends World Championship had a significant prize pool of $300,000 and a peak viewership of over 3 million people on stream. Those numbers are no joke.

What about the PUBG Mobile World Invitational? Of course, there’s the popular battle royale game, but the mobile pro league boasted a whopping $425,000 prize pool with 19 teams competing globally.

As far as live events go, the Fortnite World Cup has made it’s mark on the scene. This juggernaut of a competition boasted a hefty prize pool totaling $3 million in 2019. These standards are making their way into the territory of Dota 2’s The International, currently sitting at $40,018,195 and scheduled to take place in October of 2021.

So, without further ado, this is our esports events tier list.

Don’t agree with our tier list? Flame us in the YouTube comment section and tweet us your own with tiermaker.com

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