Upcomer’s guide to TFT set 7, Dragonlands
TFT Dragonlands TFT SEt 7

Upcomer’s guide to TFT set 7, Dragonlands

Explore the vast world of TFT Dragonlands
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Teamfight Tactics’ set 7, TFT Dragonlands, brings the high-fantasy dragon theme to TFT. With it comes a brand new roster of champions, new traits, new mechanics and new cosmetics. All of these changes are set to go live in Patch 12.11 on Wednesday, June 8. The set will also be on the Public Beta Environment on Tuesday, May 24.

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This is Upcomer’s hub for everything you need to know about TFT Dragonlands.


TFT Dragonlands features a roster of 58 champions. There are a bunch of returning faces but with new spells, new traits and new costs. There are also brand new units that are not even champions at all in League of Legends. The new Dragon units bring a new type of super carry being double the cost of normal champions but providing a way bigger punch. But dont let these Dragons steal the spotlight from the other flashy champions like Bard, Soraka and Zoe.


TFT Dragonlands brings in 28 traits to the game split between 12 origins and 16 classes. Some of the classes have existed throughout TFT history like Assasins, Bruisers and Shapeshifter. But All 12 of the origins are new to TFT. Some of the most exciting of these are the Astral, Guild and Trainer traits that bring in new ways to experience TFT.

Set Mechanics

As was announced a while ago, augments are staying around in TFT Set 7 but there are better than ever. Augments 2.0 bring in much wanted changes including more games with more impactful augments, a reroll mechanic and a whole slate of brand new choices. On top of that, TFT Dragonlands also introduces more player agency through the Treasure Dragon event.


It wouldn’t be a new TFT expansion without a new lineup of cosmetics. A brand new battle pass, new arenas and of course, new Little Legends and the highly anticipated arrival of Chibi Yasuo.

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