TFT Dragonlands mechanics: the Treasure Dragon and augments 2.0
TFT Dragonlands SEt 7 Treasure Dragon

TFT Dragonlands mechanics: the Treasure Dragon and augments 2.0

Treasure Dragon and the new revamped augments will change the game for the better in TFT Dragonlands

Teamfight Tactics’ seventh expansion, TFT Dragonlands, brings a ton of dragon-themed changes to the game — including a new roster of champions and traits. But the real game changers in TFT Set 7, the Treasure Dragon and a revamped augment system, will alter how the game is played for the next few months.

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Treasure Dragon event

Players will get to meet the Treasure Dragon every game at Stage 4-7. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/Riot Games.

As already semi-revealed, players will no longer fighter Raptors during the PvE round at the end of Stage 4 in TFT Dragonlands. Keeping with the dragon theme, instead of a PvE round at Stage 4-7, players will get a chance to meet the Treasure Dragon.

However, the dragon doesn’t fight players. Instead, it gives players all the loot that Raptors would normally give at the same time — with a catch. Players will see a shop that contains a player’s potential loot. Then they will have two choices. Either they can take the entire shop or spend one gold to reroll it for a different selection. Players can currently roll shops as many times as they can afford while the round is active.

This is an exciting change that gives players a greater sense of agency. They can now dig for the exact components they need or gamble and try to high-roll a shop that might contain something like 50 Gold or three Thieves Gloves.

Augments 2.0

Augments are back with a new look, new choices and a new feel. | Screenshot provided by Warren Younger/Riot Games.

Augments are back in TFT Dragonlands with a different look but the same function. They still show up three times per game, but the timing is a little different. For example, the first augment doesn’t show up at Stage 1-4, like it did in TFT Gizmos and Gadgets. Instead, it shows up at Stage 2-1. The final augment shows up Stage 4-2 instead of Stage 4-6. There are also changes to how Augment rarities function.

In TFT Gizmos and Gadgets, silver was the base rarity, with gold and prismatic augments being outliers. But in TFT Dragonlands, gold is now the baseline rarity, meaning players will see them offered more often in nearly every game. In playtesting, it did seem that prismatic augments showed up a lot more with silver augments showing up a lot less.

The final new addition to the augment system is a one-time reroll. Every player has experienced a situation where none of their augment choices feel good to take. To prevent this, Riot Games has given players a second chance. In TFT Dragonlands, players will get to refresh their selections one time per game. Make sure to use it when it really matters.

Obviously, there are a ton of new augments as well, with plenty of fun build arounds to choose from.

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