TFT Dragonlands Champions: Bard, Soraka and Zoe spice up TFT Set 7
TFT Set 7 Champions Dragonlands Zoe

TFT Dragonlands Champions: Bard, Soraka and Zoe spice up TFT Set 7

Bard Bards, Soraka heals and Zoe casts.

Teamfight Tactics’ seventh expansion, TFT Dragonlands, brings a ton of new changes, especially in the new dragon champion mechanic. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other exciting champions in TFT set 7.

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In fact, the most exciting champions might not be the dragons. The new cast of five-cost champions brings in brand new characteristics that have never been seen in TFT history. Here is a look at the flashiest new champions coming to TFT Set 7.

Soraka: Heal your team AND your tactician

Soraka is back in TFT Dragonlands and has been upgraded to a five-cost legendary champion. She is a part of the Jade faction and is the premier healer in TFT Set 7. Her ability, Starfall, is an area of effect heal that can help multiple allied champions recover at the same time.

The cool thing about this spell, however, is its passive, which also allows Soraka to generate mana even faster as long as an ally is below 50% health. The sense of urgency to work harder when needed is a nice touch.

Still, the real reason why Soraka is an interesting champion isn’t her origin or her spell — it’s her unique trait, Starcaller. While TFT Set 6 introduced players to the first-ever mechanic that healed tactician health with the Metabolic Accelerator augment, that ability is now on a champion thanks to Starcaller.

The trait states that whenever Soraka casts her spell for the first time in a round, she not only heals champions — she heals the player. This also scales with star level with the rates during the playtest being two health at one-star, three health at two-star and, since she doesn’t deal damage, the payoff for getting Soraka to three-star is an insane 100 health heal.

Zoe: She is so random (with her spell casts)

Zoe is back in TFT Dragonlands for the first time since TFT: Galaxies, which was four expansions ago. She has also seen a huge glow-up, going from a one-cost champion to a five cost champion. As a member of the Mage class (she’s also a Shimmerscale), she’ll cast her spell twice. But what is that spell? Well, she actually doesn’t have one of her own. But thanks to her unique trait, Spell Thief, she has plenty of other spells to pick from.

Spell Thief, which is named after Zoe’s W ability in League of Legends, functions in a similar way. Instead of having a set spell, Zoe grabs a new ability after each cast and at the start of every round. So, for the first time ever, a TFT champion has multiple spells.

Ironically, none of the spells she casts are new. Instead, she casts one of four spells from some of the most notorious champions from sets past.

The first is Lux’s “Final Spark,” which showed up in TFT Gizmos and Gadgets and TFT Rise of the Elements. It’s a fast AoE beam that can tear through entire teams. This is Zoe’s big damage spell.

The second is Ivern’s “Daisy!” Back from TFT Reckoning, when Ivern was part of the meta-defining Heimerfinger/Ivern/Volibear combination, Zoe summons Daisy onto the board, which acts as a secondary champion and a huge meat shield. It also comes with a huge AoE knock-up to give comps some extra frontline.

The third spell is “Janna’s Howling Gale,” from TFT Galaxies. Janna’s five-cost spell propelled “Double61” to the first-ever TFT World Championship title and the spell is back in Zoe’s hands to provide one of the most powerful crowd control tools in the entire set (plus some extra utility in the form of an attack-speed buff).

Finally, there is one of the most iconic spells of all time from way back in the original TFT expansion. “Kayle’s Intervention” is back and is just as annoying as ever. Zoe can press the “no die” button with this spell by making low health champions invincible for a short duration.

Bard: Dance Dance Revolution

Bard was a fan favorite when he was in TFT: Galaxies because he did something unique — his meeps granted additional XP. Now in TFT Dragonlands, Bard is back with another unique way for players to manipulate the game. Bard is one of the five Guild champions and comes with the Mystic trait to boot. However, Bard’s unique trait focuses around his team… dancing.

A few sets back, Riot Games implemented a fun way for champions to celebrate their round wins by dancing. Finally, in TFT Set 7, the dancing actually has an impact on the game. Whenever an ally champion dances, Bard has a chance at creating a “Doot.” Each time a doot appears, the chances of finding three, four and five-cost champions in a shop go up 1%, permanently.

Finally, Bard’s Tempered Fate spell launches an AoE stun toward the biggest group of enemy champions. The champions caught in it are stunned for a duration and take increased damage. The kicker is, if it hits, Bard dances in celebration, procing his Bard trait.

With Bard in TFT set 7, it will be easier than ever to chase those memorable moments of acquiring three-star, five-cost champions. Finding them will surely happen a lot more in TFT Dragonlands.

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