TFT Dragonlands: All the TFT set 7 dragons
TFT Set 7 Dragons Dragonlands Aurelion Sol

TFT Dragonlands: All the TFT set 7 dragons

An in-depth look at each of the seven, special dragons in TFT Dragonlands

Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands, set 7 for TFT, brings fantasy dragons to life in a big way. In this set, one of the primary mechanics revolves around the super-strong Dragon champions. As the rulers of seven different traits, these dragons will be play huge roles for each of those vertical synergies.

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These champions follow a couple of simple rules. The first is they count as two champions on the board and cost the same as two champions combined. This means the tier-four champions cost eight gold while the legendary dragons cost 10 gold. Finally, they count as three champions when it comes to trait activation. As a result, these dragons will play pivotal roles in TFT set 7.

Here is a breakdown of each dragon, what they do and where they are from.

Jade: Shi Oh Yu



The Jade Dragon, Shi Oh Yu, doubles as a Mystic champion, as well. Shi Oh Yu is melee focused but is not really a tank. Instead, think of her as a carry champion.

That’s because Shi Oh Yu’s spell is “Jade Form,” which makes her immune to crowd control, reduces the damage she takes and empowers her next three auto-attacks. These attacks scale with her attack damage while the damage reduction scales with her ability power.

The first empowered auto attack stuns the target. The second does bonus true damage. The third one deals damage to enemies in a line and knocks them up.

Shi Oh Yu is definitely one of the premier front-line carries in TFT Dragonlands, providing both carry potential and CC.

Whispers: Sy’fen

Sy’fen, on paper, is a force to be reckoned with. He comes packed with two additional traits on top of the Dragon trait: Whispers and Bruiser. The Whispers trait innately shreds resistance, and combined with the Bruiser trait, makes Sy’fen a premier choice for a frontline tank. But just like Shi Oh Yu, that’s not Sy’fen’s only draw.

Sy’fen’s ability is Rampage. The spell costs 200 mana, but when it goes off, it’s nearly round ending. Sy’fen starts the spell by charging toward the farthest enemy in a two hex radius, dealing attack damage on his way through while also knocking up any enemies along the way. Oh — and if he misses, he just charges again. There is no escape.

After charging, Sy’fen bites an enemy champion, dealing an insane amount of attack damage while also ignoring a large portion of his target’s armor. This makes Sy’fen the go-to Dragon if players need to eliminate a huge backline threat.

Shimmerscale: Idas

Unlike many of the other dragons, Idas is a true tank. On top of being the Shimmerscale dragon, Idas is also a Guardian, which is one of TFT Dragonlands premier tank traits. Her ability is also fitting for a big Guardian like her.

Golden Scales is a very expensive spell, but with a worthwhile payout. When the spell goes off, Idas reduces damage done to her for a two-second duration and, when that duration passes, she lets out a battle cry that shields herself and her other ally champions for five seconds. Also, while the shield is active, it grants the champion shielded bonus attack speed.

Idas is a perfect tank champion that also provides some utility to the team comp.

Mirage: Daeja

Daeja, the Mirage dragon, doesn’t have another trait — most likely because the Mirage trait itself is very versatile. What Deaja does bring, however, is a backline ranged ability power carry. Daeja has four hexes of range and does magic damage with her ability, Windblast.

The spell has a passive and an active component. The passive makes Daeja’s basic attacks deal bonus magic damage while also shredding magic resist. This is useful because the active ability sends an are of effect blast toward the most clumped group of enemies, dealing bonus magic damage and also empowering Deaja’s auto attacks for the next five seconds.

For players wanting a backline ability power threat, Daeja could be the answer.

Ragewing: Shyvana

The four-cost Dragons are cool, but they have nothing on the five-cost legendary dragons. And it wouldn’t be a fair if Shyvana didn’t lead the charge as one of those prestigious legendary Dragon champions. On top of being the Ragewing Dragon, she is also a Shapeshifter, a trait making its return to TFT.

Shyvana’s ability is Dragon’s Descent. This ability transforms Shyvana into a massive dragon, a form she maintains for the rest of the round. But when it happens, she “dive-bombs” into the largest cluster of enemy champions and deals magic damage while also stunning everyone hit for a duration. Her ability then changes to Flame Breath.

Flame Breath makes Shyvana breathe fire in a cone, dealing an insane amount of the enemy’s maximum health as magic damage. Shyvanna scales with AP, but with her Flame Breath already doing so much damage, it’s best to prioritize tank items.

Tempest: Ao Shin

Ao Shin is the second of the three five-cost Dragons in TFT Dragonlands. He doesn’t have a third trait-like Shyvana, but as the Tempest dragon, he has an incredibly powerful set of tools available to him.

Ao Shin is packing four hexes of range, making him a carry champion by default. His ability is Lightning Rain, which causes him to rain down a stream of lightning strikes that blast random enemies for massive magic damage while also draining mana from them.

This is very similar to Aurelion Sol in TFT Galaxies, where his little missiles would do damage and drain mana too. Still, this ability differs a little because the speed is much faster. Regardless, Ao Shin is set to make games frustrating for opposing players with a triple threat of stuns, drains and damage.

Astral: Aurelion Sol

Fun fact, there are only two actual dragon champions in League of Legends: Shyvana and Aurelion Sol. Of course, both have to be two of the baddest dragons in the dragon-themed TFT set 7. Aurelion Sol has three traits, just like Shyvana. On top of being the Astral Dragon, Aurelion Sol also packs the Evoker trait which brings extra mana regeneration.

Asol is also a ranged carry, just like some of the other dragons, and has the ability Black Hole. This spell puts down an AoE black hole beneath an enemy champion. After a duration, the hole explodes, dealing magic damage to all enemies in the explosion while also reducing their attack damage for a few seconds. The kicker is that each time Asol casts this ability in a fight, the hole grows larger until eventually it just covers the entire map.

Asol loves when rounds last a long time. With a stall composition, Asol will thrive as a carry.

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