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343 Industries gave the Halo community a treat when it released Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (Halo CEA) edition, giving the 2001 campaign a fresh coat of paint. Now, a modder has done the same thing to recreate Halo Combat Evolved’s multiplayer mode.

“I’ve always felt like Halo: CE’s Multiplayer deserved a remake like the campaign did and with this mod I did exactly that,” said modder Kashiimaaa in a post on Nexus.

Kashiimaaa has recreated Halo: Combat Evolved combat within Halo 3 in order to create this mod. They’ve included all 19 Halo: Combat Evolved maps and remastered assets for weapons, vehicles, characters and environment textures.

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This mod is relatively easy to install for newcomers. You’ll need to download it from Nexus and place the “halo3” folder in your MCC Directory. Then, launch MCC and load into a Halo 3 custom game and end the match. You should be loaded into the Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer menu, according to directions provided by the mod team.

While Halo Infinite’s cooperative campaign update may have been delayed, you can jump into a multiplayer session of the game that started it all right now. It’s clear that this was a labor of love for the modders involved and players are already sharing positive impressions on social media.

This mod took Kashiimaaa three months to make and there are still a number of bugs that need to be worked out. You can flag issues to them and follow the status of the mod on Nexus. The tech issues have barely been noticeable, though. Fans who’ve already jumped in have been asking 343 Industries to make this mod official, or at least hire the modder who worked on it.

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