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The Christmas season is coming and gifts are always something to worry about. Was the gift correct? Will the other person like it? Was this gift related enough to Legends of Legends because that is the other person’s favorite game? All common questions in this holiday season. Worry not, Upcomer is here to help with all your League of Legends gifting needs. Here are the top three gifts League of Legends gifts for this holiday season!

League of Legends figures

The Riot Games Store is currently accepting pre-orders for its newest line of figures.

The first of the two new figures features Vayne in her base skin as The Night Hunter. It is 11 in. by 6 in. and features her original crossbow and red cape in all their glory. It is the perfect gift for that AD Carry main that really wants to be Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao, but can’t quite get to the same level of skill. Maybe the figure will help compensate for a lack of skill, or just as some eye candy on the wall. The possibilities are endless! The Vayne figure costs $75 and will ship in late Jan, 2022.

League of Legends Figures
The Kai’sa and Vayne figures are now available for pre-order. | Provided by Riot Games

For those with more expensive taste, the Kai’Sa figure is the one for you. Selling at a whopping $799. The figure features a scene from the Warriors Season 2020 Cinematic, where Kai’sa fights off several Voidlings with Ezreal. The figure features great detail and a detachable mask.

Poro Plush

feed the poro in ARAM and cuddle it in real life
feed the Poro in ARAM and cuddle it in real life. | Provided by Riot Games

The Poro is an iconic part of League of Legends lore. It is also extremely adorable. The fluffy creature can be bought from the Riot Games Store or from Amazon and comes in all different textures. The one from the Riot Games Store comes in blue and is costs $25, while the ones on Amazon go for about the same price but are white instead.

League of Legends onesies

tibbers onesie
Transform into your favorite League of Legends character this holiday season. | Provided by Riot Games

Onesies are an adorable way for players to put themselves in the shoes of their favorite champions. The Riot Games Store has a few for sale, but they are currently out of stock. However, there are several other options online to help with onesie acquiring needs. A quick google search for League of Legends onesies brings up several options that feature popular skin lines. The most common one is the Star Guardian skin line, which features several champions as part of the Star Guardian crew.

The selection in the Riot Games Store shows a Tibbers onesie as an option. However, the item has not been restocked as of this Christmas season.

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