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Welcome to The Rundown series, where I provide the key identity of each class that players may find fun or interesting.

Yes, it is true that not all Lost Ark classes are created equal. Some are naturally more efficient and, if your goal as a player is to pick the highest performing classes, there are certain classes you should prioritize over others. With that being said, if you ask the question “what is the best class in Lost Ark?” the wisest answer is “whatever is the most fun.” Even with Smilegate streamlining the enhancement process, the optimization grind for items in Lost Ark is a grueling process. How nihilistic would it all feel when you have spent all that time strengthening the class, only to realize that you’re really not enjoying its mechanics?

With that being said, this article is not for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each class. Instead, I will focus on what I think the unique flair of the classes are while listing positive class-defining features. Due to their sheer number, I will divide them according to their big, five categories: Warrior, Martial Artist, Hunter, Mage, Assassin

Here is my rundown of the three Warrior classes Berserker, Gunlancer and Paladin.


Berserker Class in Lost Ark
Berserker awaits for an opportune time to unleash his rage onto his enemies. | Provided by Smilegate

Berserker, especially with the unreleased Destroyer class considered, is the most balanced class in the Warrior category. He has impressive main damage skills with good mobility to reposition during raids. This may give players an initial impression that Berserker is a consistent DPS character that incorporates his well-balanced traits. Simply put, that’s the farthest from the truth.

Berserker’s identity revolves around his Identity skill, which puts him into a rage-filled frenzy, increasing his attack speed and critical hit chance. During this window, Berserker’s abilities also become enhanced, allowing him to dish out a large burst of damage. This phase shift from a steady frontline to a bloodlust-filled DPS is the main attraction of this class. Berserker players will intelligently wait until the boss is in a vulnerable state and unleash hell upon them with their barrage of attacks. So, if you want to release your inner Hulk, Berserker might be the class for you.


Gunlancer class in Lost Ark
Gunlancer is a Lost Ark raid staple. | Provided by Smilegate

Gunlancer received a name change from the English localization team. His original Korean name is Warlord or 황로드, the Lord Emperor. He also has another nickname, the Father of Raids. Gunlancer is the sole true-tank class in Lost Ark. His identity skill steadily stacks a Shield Gauge. Once activated, Gunlancer gives himself a massive shield and crowd control immunity.

This, combined with his taunt ability, enables him to be the shield for his allies. With his ultimate skill, Guardian’s Protection, he also can give an area of effect crowd control immunity and flat damage reduction. Due to these traits, Gunlancers are always welcome in raid parties. If you want to be a steady shield for your friends in danger, Gunlancer is for you.


Paladin class in Lost Ark
You can sing holy hymns of light as the Paladin. | Provided by Smilegate

Paladin is one of the two support classes in Lost Ark, and like his brethren Gunlancer, he is welcome to every raid party. While Bard, his support counterpart, excels in bursts of healing, Paladins provide a more consistent, regenerative healing that lasts for a longer duration. Bards also have to make an active choice of committing toward offensive or defensive buffs to maximize their potential. On the other hand, Paladins provide a good mix of both with their abilities.

For example, Blessed Aura deals damage to foes in an area while giving allies hit by the explosion a flat damage reduction buff. If you want to be an impressive, jack-of-all-trades support player, Paladin is a superior option over Bard.

The overall advantage of the Warrior classes is that they provide a frontline character to the party. Even offensive classes, like Berserker, possess more survivability and durability than other classes in the game. Warrior classes are the first line of defense in raids, if not the first line of offense.

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