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Over the last week, players have explored the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human to the fullest extent. As a part of this exploration, some keen-eyed players have discovered an amazing blueprint hidden away in the Central Loop. This specific blueprint gives players a literal Finger Gun that they can use to take down Infected in Dying Light 2. While this is something every player would want, some cannot actually obtain it in the current build of the game. The way to get the blueprint is currently bugged for certain players.

In our experience here at Upcomer, we couldn’t access the blueprint on PC. However, reports have also come in from Xbox players that the bug was present for them as well. It seems random as to who gets the bug, so even if you’re on PC or Xbox, it is still worth trying to acquire the blueprint. You can find out how to do so below.

Getting the Finger Gun blueprint in Dying Light 2

You can only go after the Finger Gun blueprint once you complete the main story mission “Broadcast.” This quest involves you climbing to the top of the VNC Tower in order to give radio control over Villedor to one individual. You can read about what happens depending on who you give radio control to in a previous article.

After you complete the Broadcast mission, you will need to make your way back up to the VNC Tower. You can do so by taking a winch up to the PK base and then going inside to take the elevator up to the top. This takes a few minutes, though, as you have to wait for the elevator in real-time.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Finger Gun blueprint
The building you need to paraglide to from the VNC Tower. | Provided by Techland

At the top of the tower, you need to jump off the southwest side of the building. Head toward the building with a huge antenna on it, as seen above, and land on top of that building. You can find a Military Airdrop here along with a cable that needs to be attached. You need to attach that cable to a box four floors down from where you are on the roof. We found using the Grappling Hook is the best way of descending the building but paragliding works as well.

Once on the lower floor, find the box and plug in the cable. Then, turn around and find another cable box. However, this is where the bug comes into play. For us, the box says “No power” and doesn’t let the cable be taken. If this is bugged for you as well, you’ll have to wait for a patch.

If it isn’t bugged, take the cable and descend to the next open level of the building and attach it to another box. You can watch this YouTube video from xGarbett for a full rundown of what to do to acquire the Finger Gun blueprint in Dying Light 2.

We’ll be sure to update you whenever Techland releases a patch to fix the bugged cable box. For more walkthroughs and guide content, check out our comprehensive Dying Light 2 guides hub.

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