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Since its introduction in the v8.20 update, the Boom Bow has been one of the best weapons in Fortnite. It’s super accurate, has high damage, and is very user-friendly. With all of these traits, this makes the Boom Bow extremely annoying to go up against.

Recently, Fortnite has made it a trend to nerf/vault overpowered items. The Pump Shotgun, Compact SMG, and Drum Gun are all fresh examples of this. While other overpowered weapons currently exist in the game, the Boom Bow stands out the most.

So, should the Bow receive the same treatment as other dominant weapons?

The Boom Bow’s future

If you’ve ever wielded the Boom Bow, you know how simple it is to use. However, not only is it simple to use, it can dominate lobbies. Its knack for destroying builds and taking away enemy’s shields are the main reason many pros use it in the Fortnite World Cup.

However, it’s this dominance that has many fans calling for a nerf or a vaulting. Check out this clip from u/BZ-Loke on Reddit:

The bow is extremely easy to use and heavily rewards missing, how has it not received a nerf yet? from FortniteCompetitive

This Redditor shows off just how easy it is to get an elimination with the Bow. While there is some skill in choosing where to aim, it’s not even comparable to other weapons in terms of skill.

They also bring up one of the main gripes with the Bow. With almost any other weapon, if you miss your shot, you don’t do any damage. However, with the Bow, you can miss by a foot or two and still cause harm.

The idea behind this is the Bow is supposed to be an explosive weapon. As with the RPG or Grenade Launcher, explosives that hit within a certain area of an enemy will still deal damage. Though this mechanic works well with those weapons, players can accurately fire the Bow from 100 meters away, making it very unfair.

With all of this and Epic Games’ recent nerfs in mind, it seems like the Boom Bow should receive similar treatment. Maybe lowering the base damage or requiring direct hits are the way to go.

Any way you look at it, something needs to be done about the Bow. Only time will tell if Fortnite deals with yet another overpowered weapon.

What do you think should be done about the Boom Bow? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Fortnite news and updates.

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