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The first offline LAN tournament for Halo Infinite, the HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh, has let players show off what they’re capable of. Here are some of the best plays from day 1 of the HCS Raleigh tournament, from the smartest to the most entertaining and clutch moments.

On day 1 of the HCS Raleigh competition, the pool play games were broadcast live on both Twitch and YouTube, while open bracket teams fought at the same time against each other on either a second stream or the players’ own streams. Due to a technical pause for the first match between XSET and Spacestation Gaming, some of the open bracket matches were broadcast live on the main stream. More players got to show off what they could do on a new but familiar esport to a wide audience of avid fans. Due to this LAN getting teams from all over the world that qualified through their own regions tournaments, plenty of parity led to some great plays.

Adam “Praties” Osborne, Chiefs Esports Gaming

In a matchup pitting the best team from the Oceanic region versus meme-inspired team Bing Chilling, Praties gets a killing spree by attacking point B. Getting a triple kill at the end while swinging the map in his favor, Praties helped Chiefs Esports Gaming win the map in a 3-0 sweep.

Aaron “Ace” Elam, Spacestation Gaming

Despite losing the first broadcast game of the event, Ace showed off one of the first back smack kills in the tournament with a clever combo. Using active camo to get behind his enemy, he got a kill and pushed forward afterwards with his thrusters, almost snatching a triple kill. Even then, the double was helpful after the surprising ninja kill.

James “Jimbo” Bradbrook, Natus Vincere

In their match against Divine Mind, Jimbo used his positioning, a grenade and his quick reflexes to get a fast overkill. After getting three kills from range, a quick swap to his sidearm and a melee got him to four kills, and a killing spree.

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