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There are nearly 50 skills that you can unlock in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. They’re split up into equal halves in the Parkour and Combat skills section. You earn Skill Points in each of these sections in different ways. Within your first few hours of Dying Light 2, you’ll likely unlock a few Skill Points in both Parkour and Combat. If you’re wondering what skills to prioritize unlocking with these precious points, look no further than this guide!

Whether you’re looking to run a Combat, Parkour or balanced build, there are skills for every play style. If you want to be a stealthy combat player that attacks enemies from behind and above, there are skills for that. On the other end of the spectrum, you can turn into a parkour god with a few simple skills. While you’ll need more Inhibitor upgrades if you want the more advanced skills, there are some gems in the early section of both skill menus in Dying Light 2.

Best early-game Parkour skills in Dying Light 2

Tic Tac skill description for Wall Run in Dying Light 2
The Tic Tac skill description. | Provided by Techland

Parkour is arguably the best part about Dying Light 2. You’ll be flying across Villedor with the right skills but your parkour ability is based off the foundational skills you unlock early on. You can see the five best early skills to unlock in the Parkour section.

  • Tic Tac: Gives you the ability to wall-run on vertical surfaces.
  • Active Landing: Lets you land from a high distance while keeping your momentum.
  • Far Jump: Jump extra far from a ledge by springing from it.
  • Dart: Temporarily increases your movement speed at the cost of some stamina. Allows you to reach farther ledges/objects while parkouring.
  • Firm Grip: Grab the last ledge on a wall even if your stamina is depleted and maintain your grip on a ledge when falling from a great height.

These skills offer great variety depending on what kind of parkour you like to do. They also provide solid lines into the more advanced skills of the tree.

Best early-game Combat skills in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Combat Skills
The Ground Pound skill explanation. | Provided by Techland

The combat section of the skill tree is a bit more convoluted. You will have to decide what kind of combat you want to use based on the skills you pick. However, we’ve chosen a list of generic early skills that will let you use a wide variety of combat mechanics.

  • Power Attack: Lets you charge up a stronger attack
  • Perfect Parry: A perfect block staggers the enemy, allowing you to mantle over them to perform a dropkick
  • Air Kick: Kick enemies from above with a power kick
  • Block Charge: Take an enemy to the ground while blocking their attack
  • Ground Pound: Stagger large crowds of enemies from above by hitting the ground

Combat in Dying Light 2 is all about picking your moments to attack and defend. With these skills, you can do both effectively while also providing different ways of taking out enemies from all angles.

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