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With its fresh western release, Lost Ark is seeing an influx of thousands of new players looking to experience one of the world’s most popular MMOs. While these players might be eager to get going, they’ll be presented with a tough choice right out of the gate. Five minutes into Lost Ark, they will be faced with choosing their class, which will decide what play style they can optimally use. If you’re looking for a solid beginner class in Lost Ark, then look no further than the Warrior.

Best beginner class in Lost Ark

The Warrior, which has been explained more in-depth in Upcomer’s Rundown series, is a popular class in Lost Ark, thanks to its high health values and beginner-friendly skills. Having high health allows you time to figure out how the combat works in Lost Ark while letting you understand the skills of your subclass.

Paladin Warrior subclass in Lost Ark
The Paladin is one of three Warrior subclasses in Lost Ark. | Provided by Smilegate

There are three Warrior subclasses: the Gunlancer, Paladin and Berserker. The Gunlancer and Berserker are the best beginner subclasses for the Warrior, as they’re not complicated to learn while still possessing some strong qualities. The Gunlancer is the definition of a tank, having shield abilities that allow him to be a great distraction for enemies while your party takes them out.

The Berserker is more of a damage-dealing subclass, featuring skills that can take out multiple enemies at a time. If you’re looking for a terrific DPS class that doesn’t utilize too many complicated skills, the Berserker is for you.

Finally, the Paladin is a support subclass for the Warrior. His skills are meant to be a constant source of healing, allowing your party to maintain high health. The Paladin a bit more beginner-friendly than the other support subclass, the Bard, due to his longer healing duration. The Paladin can also deal some damage with his abilities, making him a more attractive solo option for new players.

Regardless of which subclass you follow, your Warrior class will have high health and straightforward skills. These elements allow players to get used to the game while mastering its mechanics at the same time. This makes the Warrior the best beginner class in Lost Ark.

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