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Love it or hate it, April Fools’ Day has arrived. While it’s common for corporate social media accounts to take advantage of the day to show their quirky sides, gaming orgs and companies have a tendency to take it to the next level. Sometimes that can be fun. Sometimes that means going over the top.

Here is a compilation of the good, the bad and the ugly of April Fool’s Day 2022 and gaming.

The best – HyperX

HyperX hit it out of the park with its entry to April Fool’s Twitter. A nicely executed joke with a surprisingly well put-together mock keyboard combined to give this prank a classy feel. Best of all, the Rick Roll link means even the dullest gamers (like myself) can put together that this is by no means a real product.

The good – Among Us

Personally I’m a fan of when game developers actually implement their jokes in the game. It really goes to show that they’re willing to take it the extra mile. That’s what Innersloth did when they programmed Among Us “horse mode” into existence. Should it exist? No. Is it uncomfortable to look at? Yes. Is it funny? A little.

The bad – G2 Esports

G2’s fast food chain G2GO! isn’t a terrible April Fools’ joke, but it’s definitely not good. Maybe it’s because G2 pride themselves on memeing 365 days a year, but I honestly was expecting more. The whole bit is based on a joke around pro players failing to succeed and instead becoming fast food employees. It’s honestly just not that funny.

The “whose idea was this” – Twitch

Of course it’s Twitch.

The streaming platform known for questionable content categories like “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches” decided that it would be funny to make some silly new categories. Some, like “Silent Reading,” would arguably make better permanent additions than certain current categories. I mean at least they went the distance and made them real?

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