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Yesterday, Team Envy revealed that their Halo Championship Series team will be branded for OpTic Gaming in 2022.

Halo Infinite was released on Nov. 15 and with it came the addition of the HCS sponsored Spartan skins. Envy are one of the nine franchised teams that joined the league in its revival when Halo Infinite was announced. Each of the nine teams got their own color-coordinated Spartan skin as well as a custom weapon skin and emblem. Envy encouraged fans to pick up the “limited edition” of their team skin. They then revealed that the Envy branding would not be there forever.

“Keep an eye out for the @OpTic skins arriving in the Spring,” shared Envy on Twitter. “For now, pick up the limited-time Envy bundle #GreenWithEnvy.”



Envy joins forces with OpTic

OpTic and Envy have been forces to be reckoned with in the Call of Duty esports scene for several years. At the end of the 2021 season, it was rumored that Envy would be absorbing the OpTic Gaming brand that had previously been owned by NRG Esports. The merger officially happened on Nov. 8 when Envy welcomed the Green Wall into their family.

Along with the merger came the rebrand of Envy’s current Call of Duty team. What was previously OpTic Chicago and the Dallas Empire became OpTic Texas. However, that wouldn’t be the only team to switch colors in the OpTic merger. It seems that Envy’s Halo team will also be sporting green when the HCS kicks off in spring of 2022. Fans of Envy will be able to pick up the limited edition of the Spartan skin, for the time being, alongside the other skins of the Halo Infinite store tab. These are the skins that Envy will be using at the first official LAN event for Halo in Raleigh, North Carolina that takes place at the end of December.