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Near the midway point of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, you’ll be faced with a tough choice regarding Juan and Jack Matt. Basically, both of the Peacekeeper leaders want you to join their side for the upcoming VNC Tower mission. This mission, called “Broadcast,” is one of the most important in the entire story, so your decision does have ramifications for the story.

Juan is a shady character that you meet on the Peacekeeper ship. He’s arrogant and seems to only have his best interest at heart, especially when he makes you go retrieve the UV Lamps he was supposed to procure. Jack Matt, on the other hand, seems to be one of the good guys. He looks out for you on multiple occasions leading up to this point in the story and has promised to help you find your sister.

However, Juan does say that Matt will betray you at some point. So the question remains, who do you side with in Dying Light 2?

Siding with Juan or Matt in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Juan
The decision to pick Juan or Matt. | Provided by Techland

The one reason that players might side with Juan is that he said he could help find your sister faster than Matt. However, this does require betraying Matt and you won’t be able to ally with him again throughout the story. In the next mission, Broadcast, this betrayal is on full display.

You will reach a similar conclusion to the story, though, regardless of who you pick. Both men can help you find your sister, but both will also force you to make a huge mistake later on in the story.

If you stick with Matt, you will go on with the Broadcast mission as scheduled. Matt will lay out a plan, which requires you to scale the VNC Tower to establish radio control for the Peacekeepers. Although, the decision to hand over radio control is also not set in stone.

In the end, whether you side with Juan or Matt, the conclusion to the Dying Light 2 story doesn’t change dramatically. So, you should pick whoever you can tolerate more or whoever fits the run you’re trying to accomplish.


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