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Last Epoch has a variety of different game mechanics to spice up how you get loot in the game, but one of the most unique is Item Factions.

Introduced as a result of polling the Last Epoch fanbase, this mechanic will allow players to dictate how they get rare loot in the game whether it’s by engaging with a marketplace system or relying on it being dropped during exploration.

Should I choose Merchant’s Guild or Circle of Fortune?

Last Epoch item factions
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Your choice between the Merchant’s Guild and Circle of Fortune will depend on the type of player that you are. If you’re somebody who is going to put a lot of time into the game then we’d suggest joining the Circle of Fortune, but if you’re going to be playing more casually then it might be better to join the Merchant’s Guild.

The good news is that you can swap between both of them at any point so it’s not locked in for the entirety of your adventure. However, given there are many rewards to get from ranking up your reputation you’ll probably want to stick with one.

Here is a look at the bonuses for joining each so you can better make up your mind:

Merchant’s Guild bonuses

As a member of the Merchant’s Guild, you can visit the Bazaar to buy, sell, and trade items. Right now this is the only way to engage with Last Epoch’s marketplace so as a member of the Circle of Fortune you’ll have no way to do so.

This mechanic is intended to allow players the chance to purchase the rare loot they want despite not finding it on their adventures.

Circle of Fortune bonuses

Those who choose to join the Circle of Fortune won’t have the ability to engage in the marketplace, however, thanks to prophecies they will have a drastically increased chance of finding better loot.

With the help of prophecies and lenses, you will get increased odds for drops, and get higher tier affixes, so it will reduce the need for a marketplace system to get the items that you’re after.

Ultimately both of these are great, but again, it will depend on what kind of Last Epoch player you are. Take some time to enjoy the game and once you reach the decision point you should know which will better suit you.