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The Limited Time Modes in Fortnite have been around since the first season. While not all are loved, many are terrific modes implemented by Epic Games. Solid Gold, Close Encounters, and the recent John Wick crossover are all examples of fan favorite LTMs.

However, these modes are usually only available on a weekly basis. With each update, a new LTM is added in and replaces the previous one. This practice has been frustrating players for quite some time, as it takes some LTMs months to return.

Many in the community feel it would be prudent for both sides to have a say in which mode is playable. So should Epic Games allow community input on the LTM for each week?

How this LTM concept would work

This idea was sparked recently by a Reddit post that features a concept for an LTM voting system. Thanks to u/GreekSword, we can see exactly how this system would look and work.

Limited Time Mode Voting Concept from FortNiteBR

In this concept, players can vote on one of three LTMs to enter the game. The voting would be open for a short time and whichever mode has the most votes would be the LTM for that week.

There are some caveats with this idea, however. For starters, Epic Games couldn’t put the same mode in the rotation every week. That would cause an LTM like Solid Gold to be featured every single week due to its popularity.

There would be a set rotation made up of two-to-three LTMs for players to vote on. This ensures that no mode is getting selected over and over but also makes it so a popular LTM isn’t left out for months.

Would Epic Games consider this?

While this is terrific concept art and a sound idea, there’s no telling if Epic Games would implement it. They did allow the community to vote the Drum Gun back in, but they chose which items to be voted on.

Should Epic Games allow players to vote on Fortnite LTMs? Fortnite LTM voting

Epic Games likes to have control over everything in Fortnite. Admittedly, they have been more open with the community in recent weeks. However, that doesn’t mean they will allow their player base to control something as huge as the LTM for each week.

As Epic developers and managers check Reddit often, they have no doubt seen GreekSword’s concept. Whether they choose to entertain the notion of a voting system is a whole other matter.

Do you think Epic Games should introduce this idea? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite news and updates.