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Call of Duty Next and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta are just under two weeks away. With both events approaching, we’re receiving more and more information about the upcoming title. Some of this information is arriving through leaks, while the rest is coming directly from Activision and Infinity Ward. Earlier this week, leaks surfaced that claim Ground War is returning to MW2 and even that a remastered MW3 Campaign could be released soon. In official news, though, we saw a new gameplay snippet of the MW2 Campaign that confirms the existence of a fan-favorite weapon: the Riot Shield.

The Riot Shield is a staple of Modern Warfare, being introduced all the way back in the original Modern Warfare 2 (2009). Since the, the weapon has appeared in several Call of Duty titles, including every single Infinity Ward title. While there wasn’t much question as to whether or not that trend would change, we officially see the Riot Shield in action in a new MW2 trailer.

Modern Warfare 2 to include the Riot Shield

The new trailer is promoting the Early Access Campaign period for Modern Warfare 2. If players pre-order the game, they will receive one-week early access to the Campaign mode. While the trailer was only around 15 seconds long, that was enough to see the Riot Shield in action. Fans can see the Riot Shield being held by an Operator at roughly the 0:04-0:05 mark of the video.

While this does confirm the Riot Shield’s existence in the Campaign, it doesn’t technically mean it’s coming to MW2 multiplayer. It’s rare to see, but sometimes not every Campaign weapon makes it into a Call of Duty multiplayer. Still, we fully expect the Riot Shield to be an unlockable weapon in multiplayer when MW2 launches on Oct. 28. Perhaps we’ll see the weapon featured in multiplayer during the beta or at Call of Duty Next.

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