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Amidst all of the leaks regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, some additional information has surfaced about the franchise in general. One such leak surrounds a possible remaster of the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign.

According to a reliable leaker, @TheGhostOfHope, the remastered Campaign is actually done and waiting to be released. This is in spite of what Activision claims, as employees of the company have said in the past a MW3 Campaign remaster has never been worked on. One rep for the company told CharlieIntel that “a remaster of Modern Warfare 3, Campaign or multiplayer, does not exist.”

However, TheGhostOfHope’s source claims that the remaster isn’t canceled and is actually complete. Of course, it’s up to players whether to believe this source or Activision. It’s worth noting, however, that Activision have sometimes stretched the truth in the past to keep secrets hidden. Of course, leaks are also not 100% reliable, so players should take either piece of information with a grain of salt.

For argument’s sake, let’s say that a remaster of MW3’s Campaign does exist. TheGhostOfHope’s source states that Activision is waiting for the right time to release it. This game’s possible launch could line up perfectly to fill the content gap in 2023. The upcoming title, Modern Warfare 2, will be a two-year game, meaning that no new title will release in 2023. In order to keep the hype around Call of Duty alive during this dry spell, Activision could choose to release the MW3 Campaign. The MW3 Campaign could also be what Activision was referring to in a recent financial report. The company stated that 2023 would feature premium content of some kind.

The company has already done something similar when the remastered Campaign for the original MW2 was released back in 2020. While the circumstances around that launch were different, it would make sense for Activision to remaster the next Campaign in the Modern Warfare series.

At this time, there are no corroborating sources around this leak, so fans should take it with a larger than normal grain of salt. Still, it’s something to keep an eye on after Modern Warfare 2 launches on Oct. 28.

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