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Moldy oranges and tiny portions of bread and cheese are on the menu for Rainbow Six Siege players quarantining in Paris ahead of the Six Invitational. Players have relocated to France for a few weeks to compete with the best teams in the world. The food has been a sore spot for many players stuck in four star hotel rooms.

“Honestly I might open up a bakery out of my hotel room,” said Oxygen Esport’s Gabriel “LaXInG” Mirelez in a tweet. Mirelez and many other North American players made the trip from Las Vegas, where they compete in the Rainbow Six Siege North American League, to the Novotel Paris Les Halles hotel in Paris. LaXIng and several other players have been sharing their grievances with the food on Twitter since arriving in France early last week.

Players have shared images of fruit covered in mold as well as small bowls containing one piece of bread, an egg and a slice of cheese. This is the complimentary food provided by the hotel. Players are able to order room service, but several have said it’s far too expensive to be worth it.

“I realize I can pay for room service,” LaXInG said on Twitter. “But why the hell am I about to spend $20 just so I can actually eat something. Why is the meal that I’m even getting moldy, very small portions and barely any calories.”

Overpriced room service or moldy food at the Six Invitational

The hotel room service menu includes items like roast chicken wraps (15 euros), magarita pizza (19 euros), and a toasted ham and cheese sandwich (17 euros). Some teams have ordered from that menu with no issue. Players and community members who are less worried about the food have taken to social media to talk trash, saying that North American players have already “lost the mental game” at the Invitational.

“If you can spend hundreds in shoes, bags and clothes, surely you can splurge on room service to be comfortable at a multi million dollar event,” said former pro player Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen in a Tweet. “From what I’ve seen; yes it’s ridiculous, and whoever is in charge of food needs to sort his stuff. But if you have the option to buy the food to solve your problems, do it. Your salary can cover it, trust me.”

Novotel Paris Les Halles
The hotel is located in the center of Paris | Provided by Novotel Paris Les Halles

Oxygen Esport’s Evan “Yoggah” Nelson has tweeted about his constant boredom in France since arriving. He’s posted pictures of SpongeBob peaking out of his Bikini Bottom home and a statue making a jail break. It’s clear that the leadup to the Invitational hasn’t been the most exciting. He’s even said that he’s started hallucinating from boredom.

Boredom is killer

“Being bored got boring,” he said earlier on May 10. “I’m having a blast.”

Tweets like these have made their way around the Rainbow Six community. This is the culmination of bring in dozens of young competitors from around the world, putting them in the same hotel, and asking them to quarantine ahead of the biggest tournament of the year. Other players have tried to calm down the Fyre Fest-levels of frustration over the Invitational food.

“I’ve had it way worse then I have had it in the last couple days,” said SpaceStation Gaming coach Justin “Lycan” Woods in a tweet from Paris. “I agree most of what is being said is an over exaggeration. Things are blown out of proportion with social media. You also have a bunch of young adults bored stuck in their rooms, this shit is content. Chill out.”

Lycan is diabetic so he couldn’t eat the croissant, ciabatta roll or chocolate Danish that the hotel has brought him. He brought it up with them and hasn’t had a problem since.

“They’ve been good to me since,” he said, before adding that he’s done his own snack prep work to help his team. “I’m stacked with more snacks then I can eat and I’m going to be giving them to my players.”