Everything to know about Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 - Upcomer

Everything to know about Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3

New Operator, New Map, New operation and many more to launch Siege Year 7 Season 3

Rainbow Six Siege enters Year 7 Season 3 with several new additions including a new operator, map, operation and gadget. The new season also introduces a different recoil system for PC players and more player protection against abuse.  Moreover, the map ban phase will now display five maps instead of just three to increase map diversity.

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Here’s a detailed review of everything you can expect to see in Siege Year 7  Season 3.

Grim- The new Operator

Grim's Abilities
Grim in-game details. Image credit: Ubisoft

Grim is an Singaporean Attacker who employs bee like drones to take out his enemies. His full name is Charlie Tho Keng Boon and he is an agent. He is an expert in recon, intelligence gathering and survival techniques.

Furthermore, he is part of Nighthaven, a private military company led by Kali Shah. As the CEO of Nighthaven, Kali brings in Grim to move the company forward while he focuses on his own safety. Grim will add a new dynamic to the game as he can use his bees to detect defenders who are good at staying undetected.

Night Haven agents
Night Haven Squad. Image screesnhot from Ubisoft Preview

Grim’s gadget — known as the Kawan Hive Launcher — releases a swarm of bees that will track the location of all opponents who walk through it. The Kawan Hive Launcher was created by Osa, a Siege attacker and Nighthaven’s robotic genius.  Grim will be the driving force behind operation Brutal Swarm which will introduce a new map and recoil changes. Operation Brutal Swarm will also introduce some new weapon skins and reduce the price of Amaru, Goyo, Zero, Renown and Osa.

New Gadget: Impact EMP Grenade

Emp Grenade
Emp grenade. Image screenhot from Ubisoft preview. Pre-Alpha GamePlay

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 will begin with a brand new gadget that players can add on some selected operators. The EMP Grenade is a throwable gadget that explodes on impact to deactivate nearby electronic devices for a short amount of time. Players will be able to use the grenade as a third gadget option on Blackbeard, Montagne, Dokkaebi, Nokk, Gridlock, Sledge, Lion and Osa.

Stadium Bravo

Stadium Bravo
Outlook of Stadium Bravo. Image Screenshot from Ubisoft preview

The new season also comes with a new map called Stadium Bravo. Ubisoft initially named the map Stadium 2021 and created it after workshops and talks with professional teams. However, players will see the map under the Stadium Bravo name. Stadium Bravo is a permanent map that combines the features of Border and Coastline maps. It contains well balanced sites with less clutter to play around.

Revamped Recoil System

Ubisoft has also revamped the recoil to give weapon recoil more meaning. The game developers reviewed vertical recoil on all weapons. Weapons will now have more attachment options for both PC and console players. However, only PC players will have fourth stage of recoil with LMG and weapons with high capacity magazines. Also, their vertical and horizontal recoil intensity will increase during sustained fire bursts.

Additionally, there will now be a new way to report cheaters in match replay and an active abusive text chat penalty.

According to the Year 7 roadmap, the new season should coming to fans around September 2022.

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