Everything you need to know about Six Siege Year 7 roadmap
Siege Year 7

Everything you need to know about Six Siege Year 7 roadmap

Six Invitational to be held in different countries every year
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Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 begins on Feb. 21 with a new Operator and map coming to the game. After revealing Azami and other game updates on Saturday, Ubisoft has now announced the roadmap for Year 7 of Siege.

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All details of Six Siege Year 7

Just like the previous year, Year 7 will have four seasons. The first season will be a return to Japan while Seasons 2 will be in Belgium. Moreover, Season 3 will take place in Singapore with the last season in Colombia. Each season will have a new operator.

SIx Siege Roadmap
Six Siege four-season locations and other new features. | Provided by Ubisoft

Six Siege Year 7 will also be about creating a more friendly environment for newcomers to the game. New players will be able to test out and develop their skills in a shooting range. Furthermore, console players will be getting a FOV slider feature soon and recoil changes.

Besides this, there will be a full-year pass and individual season battle passes to choose from. There is also going to be a new ranked system that will no longer have placement games. However, this feature will not be in the first two seasons. Siege Year 7 will also have a permanent arcade mode, reputation system and privacy mode.

Siege Esports plans

For Year 7, there will be free cams, additional observer slots and longer shelf life for game replays. Three new observer slots will be added to custom online games for fans to have a clear understanding of the action.

Also, the game developers are working to allow detaching the camera that shows an Operator’s point of view during the match to put it anywhere on the map. This will allow for new camera angles and new ways to engage viewers.

Furthermore, Season 2022 will officially begin on March 9 across all regions. The first major in May will take place in North America with the second major taking place in August with Europe or the Middle East as the host. The third major will be in November and held in the Asia-Pacific region.  One of the biggest changes for Siege Year 7 esports is that the Six Invitational will now move around the world instead of a fixed location which may likely start from 2023.

Revenue Sharing Changes

Asides from this, Ubisoft has made adjustments to the R6 SHARE ranking criteria. Instead of a 3-tier system, the R6 SHARE will now use a 2-tier system. There will be no tier demotion in 2021 except for teams that were relegated from the top regional leagues. The top-five Tier 2 teams from the last ranking will join the teams currently in Tier 1. Meanwhile, the remaining teams will automatically be in Tier 2. The exact tier placements of each team will be revealed in March.

Additionally, when fans purchase a team item in-game, the team will receive 50% of revenue instead of the previous 30%. However, league items sharing revenue will now be an 80/20 split between Ubisoft and member organizations.

Ubisoft will also use 20% of the net revenue from major items to the Six Major prize pool. The same goes for Six Invitational Battle pass items for the Six Invitational prize pool.

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