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Day one of the Six Invitational in Paris has ended with some surprising results, including a power outage that forced organizers to postpone/reschedule multiple matches. Several teams including Spacestation Gaming will have to play multiple matches tomorrow.

Players from around the scene have voiced their discontent with the decision after a power problem pushed one of the Six Inviational streams offline.

“Fucking joke,” tweeted Spacestation Gaming coach Justin “Lycan” Woods after the delay. Teams had already picked what maps they planned to ban, revealing essential strategies to their opponents. It’ll be tougher for some teams to advance with that in mind.

Other teams, including many in the upper bracket were able to compete throughout the day. Read further for a full recap the day’s Six Invitational results.

Due to technical difficulties, G2 vs. Parabellum and Team oNe vs. Spacestation is delayed until May 20 at 5:00 AM ET.

“The current power issue that affected our streams has been resolved,” read a tweet from Rainbow Six Siege’s esports page once the problem was solved. Tournament organizer ESL has posted a new schedule for upcoming matches, shown below.

Six Invitational Playoffs Results So Far

Team Empire looked unstoppable in the group stages of the Six Invitational. Apart from one loss to DarkZero, the team went 8-1 and were a favorite to go far in the playoffs. The Russian squad looked disjointed in a match against Oxygen Esports.

They fumbled their attack side while playing map one on Oregon and Oxygen outmatched them defensively. On Clubhouse, Empire couldn’t stop Oxygen’s attack side and lost 0-2.  Empire will play the winner of Team One vs. Spacestation Gaming in the lower bracket.

BDS Esports bested by Ninjas in Pyjamas

Another top team, BDS Esports lost today. BDS went 8-1 and had the highest round difference out of all teams during the group stage.

BDS played perfectly and shut down NIP 7-5 on map one Coastline. Their attack setups didn’t work out as well on Clubhouse and NIP won map two 7-4. On map three, BDS had a great attack side, but so did NIP and the match went into overtime. NIP was able to come out on top and took BDS down 2-1.

BDS Esports plays FURIA Esports in a rematch after beating FURIA 7-4 during group stages.

DarkZero and Cloud 9 eliminated from the Rainbow Six Invitational

Both DarkZero Esports and Cloud9 have been eliminated altogether from the Six Invitational after losing in the lower bracket.  DarkZero lost against the Brazilian squad FURIA whose defensive setups were too strong to handle for the Americans.

Mkers dismantled Cloud 9 in the other elimination match. On map one, Cloud 9 couldn’t gain any momentum on their attack side leading to a 2-7 loss. On map two, Cloud 9 took too long to plant the bomb and even ran out of time in one round. Lorenzo “Lollo” Masuccio led Mkers in a defensive shut down of Cloud 9 and eventually won the best-of-three series 2-0.