Rainbow Six Canada Nationals 2019 day 2: Team Canada takes it again
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Rainbow Six Canada Nationals 2019 day 2: Team Canada takes it again

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Following the previous day’s results, the Rainbow Six Canada Nationals came down to one best-of-five series at EGLX. The reigning kings four seasons running, Team Canada, have enjoyed an easy time on their throne. However, new challengers in team yes stepped up to the plate.

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While Team Canada has some familiar faces on the roster, yes was a completely unknown team of fresh-faced amateurs who battled their way through the online stages for a chance. Unfortunately, this underdog story didn’t end like a Hollywood movie.

Team Canada secured another national victory for the history books. However, while the scoreline may read like a swift 3 – 0, it was slightly closer than you might think. Granted, the majority of the series was a breeze for the victors. However, yes managed to show signs of life at times, bringing one map to an overtime. Unfortunately, a decent fight was not enough to put the reigning champs down.

Game 1: Consulate 7 – 2

The Rainbow Six Canada Nationals final series started with a game of Consulate; team yes had a favorable defense for the first half. Unfortunately, they were not able to capitalize as Team Canada took early control. Around the mid-game, yes attempted to mount a comeback to no avail. Their opponents simply maintained a steady lead throughout the game. 

Following a side switch, yes were not even able to get a round on the board. At this point, Team Canada were comfortably in their element. They were simply a much better Consulate squad compared to yes.

Game 2: Clubhouse  8 – 7

Despite the momentum that Team Canada had, yes started off strong. The amateur team looked more comfortable maneuvering around the map and setting up angles. It also did not help that Team Canada made a few misplays at certain rounds. Yes were adjusting to the structured style of Team Canada and wasting their time. This forced Team Canada to make rushed executes onto site, usually ending in clutch situations. 

A few prolonged garage gunfights and some nice roams led to yes facing overtime against Team Canada. Unfortunately, what little hope yes had was swiftly shut down. Team Canada maintained their composure to close out the map 8 – 7.

Game 3: Bank 7 – 3

At this point forward, Rainbow Six Canada Nationals was all but over for the tournament. Team Canada and yes had an early-game back-and-forth. Yes were desperately trying to shake off the events of the past two maps. Going into the side switch, the map was tied 3 – 3. But throw in some aggressive and downright suicidal play from “Bryan” and you have the end of the map. 

Despite trying multiple pushes, there was always one member on Team Canada able to step up. The four-peat squad dropped a flawless four-round side to close out the map. With that came another trophy for Canada’s national kings.

This team has proven time and time again that they’re the ones to beat. Does this mean that Canada has a drought of talent? Pro players such as Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski and Davide “FoxA” Bucci dispel that idea. However, it is fair to say that the local scene has a ways to go before proving that they belong at the top. Until then, the all-star squad of Team Canada is the one to beat.

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