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For the next 16 hours, PUBG Xbox Live servers have officially closed in preparation of the release of PUBG Update 1.0! The introduction of the new update on Xbox will make PUBG the full release version, and players can expect a bunch of new updates and exclusive content, including the newly released Sanhok map.

Release times

PUBG live servers were taken offline at 9 a.m. BST on September 3, and they return on September 4 at 1 a.m. BST. Sixteen hours of downtime is sure going to irritate some players. However, Xbox players can play on the test servers in the meantime. The test servers can be found on the Microsoft Store and can be downloaded as long as you own a fully legit copy of PUBG.

So what can PUBG Xbox players expect to see when the update is live?

First of all, the new map. The new Sanhok map, added to the PC update several months ago, is now coming to Xbox. The long-awaited update has had Xbox players in desperation to play on Sanhok. According to PC players, Sanhok was a great addition to the game as it introduced much faster rounds. Xbox players can now give their analysis on the new map in Update 1.0.

The other feature to be added in Update 1.0 is the limited time War Mode event in which players land in a small, static circle somewhere on the map and battle it out in five teams of 10. Teams will receive points for knockdowns, kills, and reviving teammates, and the team that reaches the highest points limit first is the winner.

Alongside the two major features, Update 1.0 will also bring players new exclusive content such as hoodies, tracksuits, and shoes to celebrate the release of the full product. The outfits feature traditional Xbox-themed colours and will be a nice addition to the major update.

I have covered PUBG Xbox content in another post, going into more detail on the new content. You can also check out the rest of our PUBG coverage here.

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