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PUBG Mobile has hit a huge milestone this week, surpassing 100 million downloads on iOS and Android.

Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation declared that PUBG Mobile was the most downloaded mobile game in the first week of its initial launch in March. The mobile game has also surpassed over 14 million daily active users within four months of its release.

However, although the figures are impressive for PUBG Mobile, the game is free to play, meaning more players are attracted to download the app whereas PUBG on PC and Xbox requires players to purchase the game. There are also microtransactions to consider.

Alongside the success of the mobile app, PUBG‘s arch-rival, Fortnite, has recently joined the party, releasing their game on all Android devices following the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 keynote last week. Whether or not the rivalry will continue over mobile, we’re yet to see.

What is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is a free and less competitive version of the Xbox and PC game due to its many differences, such as more player appearance options and less “high-octane” gameplay, giving players more fun during rounds.

The future of PUBG Mobile

Although the game has hit a milestone, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will not continue growing. PUBG Mobile is undergoing updates at the same rate as the Xbox version. Also, unlike the other platforms, the mobile version has partnered with Paramount Pictures to introduce new items and challenges into the game. You can keep up to date with the mobile updates on PUBG‘s official Twitter page.

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