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Pokémon UNITE has a whole new slate of content after ending the first official season at the Pokémon World Championships 2022. On Sep. 02, 2022, Pokémon UNITE will release battle pass 10, which will contain a bunch of new skins for a new Pokémon and Azumarill. Along with the release of the new battle pass, a new mythical Pokémon will be joining the crew — Mew! Here is everything Pokémon UNITE has in store for players in the upcoming month.

What is in the new Pokémon UNITE battle pass 10

The Pokémon UNITE battle pass 10 will follow the pricing of the previous battle passes. All players will have base access to the battle pass 10 but will have to pay a premium in order to get the Holowear rewards contained within it. The premium battle pass will cost players 490 Aeos Gems (about $7.99) and the premium pass plus battle pass will cost 840 Aeos Gems, but players with no remaining Aeos Gems will have to purchase the 1220 Aeos Gems bundle, which costs $19.99, in order to afford the premium pass plus. The premium pass plus will grant players an extra 10 levels at the start of their battle pass journey.

Players who purchase the battle pass will immediately receive the new Wanderer Style: Azumarill skin which features custom animations for the Pokémon’s ultimate ability. Players who max out their battle pass 1o will receive the Elegant Style: Mew Holowear skin. Along the way, players can receive Aeos Tickets, Aeos Coins and even skins for the player model. This battle pass is focused on a bard theme; the player skin has long hair with a medieval-style cap and clothes. Elegant Style: Mew features a new recall animation and all new custom ability animations.

Until today, the Pokémon UNITE team are also selling the skins worn by the UNITE world champions on discount! Each of the skins are about 10% off and the promotion ends today, so don’t forget to stock up on skins as along with the battle pass 10 purchase!

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