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Unite Licenses and Holowear based on BLVKHVND’s winning team from the 2022 Pokémon World Championships will be available at discounted prices for a limited time, according to a tweet from the Pokémon UNITE Twitter account on Wednesday.

While some of BLVKHVND’s members used different Pokémon over the course of the tournament, the line-up of discounted Unite Licenses is based on the following team composition they used in Game 3 of grand finals against Nouns Esports:

  • Nicholas “Junglebook” Jinkyu Kim’s Cinderace
  • Sean “Slashcan” Tucker’s Blissey
  • Shi Yuan “Elo” Huang’s Hoopa
  • William “Overlord98” Byrnes’ Aegislash
  • Kihyun “Kyriaos” Lee’s Trevenant

This special promotion will expire at 7:59 p.m. ET on Thursday. As a result, players have a very small window of time to take advantage of this. In addition, players should note that the discounts only apply to Aeos Gem prices, not Aeos Coin prices.

More about the discounted Pokémon Unite Licenses

Unite Licenses for each of the world champions’ Pokémon will be available at the following discounted prices:

  • Cinderace – 322 Aeos Gems (down from 460)
  • Blissey – 322 Aeos Gems (down from 460)
  • Hoopa – 402 Aeos Gems (down from 575)
  • Aegislash – 287 Aeos Gems (down from 575)
  • Trevenant – 402 Aeos Gems (down from 575)

Players can also get a deal on the following Holowear cosmetics:

  • Tuxedo Style Cinderace – 735 Aeos Gems (down from 1,050)
  • Starry Night Style Blissey – 280 Aeos Gems (down from 400)
  • Sacred Style Blissey – 840 Aeos Gems (down from 1,200)
  • Special Style Hoopa – 735 Aeos Gems (down from 1,050)
  • Beach Style Aegislash – 280 Aeos Gems (down from 400)
  • Noble Style Aegislash – 840 Aeos Gems (down from 1,200)
  • Subway Style Trevenant – 280 Aeos Gems (down from 400)
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Style Trevenant – 1,539 Aeos Gems (down from 2,199)

Players cannot obtain Aeos Gems simply by playing the game. Instead, they have to spend real-world money. The cheapest bundle of 60 Aeos Gems costs 99 cents. Meanwhile, the biggest and most cost-effective bundle, which comes with a base of 6,000 Gems plus 1,100 Bonus Gems, costs $99.99.

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