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Mew, Dodrio and Scizor are the next playable characters coming to Pokémon UNITE, according to an announcement from the Pokémon UNITE Twitter page on Thursday.

All three Pokémon were previously leaked through datamines earlier this month.

Kanto’s lone Mythical Pokémon, Mew, will likely be one of the trickiest characters in Pokémon UNITE. It gains access to more moves than other Pokémon and can even forget and relearn moves in order to switch up its moveset over the course of the battle. Players can obtain Mew for free through an in-game challenge that involves collecting mural fragments.

While not confirmed in the announcement video, leaks have suggested that Mew will be an Attacker, Dodrio will be a Speedster and Scizor will be an All-Rounder. Leaks have also indicated that players can opt to play an entire match as Scyther rather than evolving into Scizor.

The rollout of these new characters will begin on Sept. 2 with Mew. Then, Dodrio will join on Sept. 14, followed by Scizor on Sept. 28.

What’s joining Mew, Dodrio and Scizor in Pokémon UNITE

Thursday’s announcement video provided new details about the previously revealed map, Theia Sky Ruins. Over the course of the battle, players can expect Regieleki, Regirock, Regice and Registeel to appear as mini-bosses.

In addition, the new Legacy Trainer Showdown will allow players to face off against iconic trainers from various main series Pokémon games. This challenge will feature Cynthia’s Garchomp, Korrina’s Lucario, Leon’s Charizard, Raihan’s Duraludon and Leaf’s Blastoise. The Legacy Trainer Showdown is set to last from noon PT on September 9 to 4:59 p.m. on October 6.

Mew, Dodrio and Scizor are coming to Pokémon UNITE as part of the game’s 1st Anniversary Celebration. The celebration started in July when Glaceon joined the game, and continued as Buzzwole and Tyranitar became playable in August.

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