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With the new March update for Lost Ark, Argos is officially released as the new Abyss Raid boss. While there has been plenty of raid content available in the game thus far, Argos is the beginning of end-game bosses that possess an extensive list of mechanics.

As such, it is imperative to learn said mechanics before trying your luck against this formidable opponent. To help with that, here are Argos’ Phase 1 attacks and how to deal with them.

Argos Lost Ark Boss
In order to take down Argos, you’ll have to use all your tools. | Provided by Smilegate

Key Mechanic

At the beginning of the fight, Argos marks the two parties with the Moon and the Sun status. While they do not affect the players directly, these statuses are integral to tackling the majority of his attacks. If the player interacts with the attacks that imbue the same element as their status, they will be invulnerable from those attacks. On the other hand, attacks opposite to their status element will deal devastating damage and likely kill the player in one hit.

Single Layer Explosion

Argos channels for an attack surrounding his body. The color of the circle shows who can stay around him to continue attacking and who should disengage.

Orb Generation

Argos spawns four orbs. The players with the same color as the orbs must take one each. Taking any more than one will inflict serious damage to the taker. If the orbs are not removed in time, they will each explode for massive damage to the entire team.

Double Layer Explosion

Argos channels an attack with two sets of rings around his body. The rings each have separate colors. The players with the same color as the inner ring can continue dealing damage while the ones with the colors on the outside ring should stay in the said ring.

Stagger Attack

After Argos recovers from a stagger, he will always attack with another double layer explosion. On this occasion, the inner ring will always be the Sun and the outer ring will be the Moon.

Breath Attack

Argos attacks in a large area after channeling. Players that do not have same color as the attack will constantly lose their breath. Completely running out of breath will result in the player losing half of their health points.

Big Pizza Pattern

Argos attacks all around him two or three times with eight cones in an alternating pattern. Make sure to stay in the same color or the damage will instantly kill upon failure.

Position Pattern

Similar to the Gate of Paradise Abyss Dungeon, Argos generates eight areas around him. The four in the middle will be the Moon color with the ones on the outside will be the Sun color. Each player needs to coordinate which spot they will take and enter each one to avoid the wipe attack. Remember, only one person can be in a single area.

Magic Transfer Pattern

Argos generates a circular timer that slowly goes down while emitting an aura with one of the colors. Players with the opposite color need to attack him. Successfully attacking him like this will cause him to stagger. If not, the timer will continue to stack until he wipes the entire team.

Small Pizza Pattern

Argos initially shows where the colors will be and then rotates them in either counterclockwise or clockwise patterns.

As a parting piece of advice, Argos is the beginning of the Lost Ark content that is very difficult to do with the random matchmaking system. Creating parties through the lobby system to coordinate proper compositions will make the experience much easier.

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