Halo Infinite adds OpTic Gaming skin bundle
lime green OpTic Gaming skin Infinite
Provided by OpTic Gaming.

Halo Infinite adds OpTic Gaming skin bundle

A re-branded team finally gets their skin bundle in multiplayer

On Thursday, the Halo Championship Series skin bundle for OpTic Gaming was added in Halo Infinite.

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The team originally joined the HCS under the name Team Envy. Their merger with OpTic Gaming led to their re-branding before the first Halo Infinite tournaments. OpTic have started off their 2022 season strong, finishing in second place at the most recent tournament, HCS Anaheim NA Regional Finals.

Now, fans can finally get the OpTic Gaming skin that the team used at LAN for their own Infinite ranked or unranked games.


When big esports organizations were announced to be joining the HCS for 2022, Envy were among them. Around the game’s launch, each of those teams, from Sentinels to Spacestation Gaming, received their own skin bundles in Infinite.

But, not too long after the announced merger of Envy and OpTic, the organization decided to change which brand they went under for the HCS. The team and staff remained the same, but the team name and colors changed from the Envy blue, black and white to the OpTic green, black and white.

Team Envy Halo Infinite
The original Team Envy skins in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343 Industries.

Each skin bundle for the HCS teams contains an armor theme, weapon theme and nameplate of the team a player purchases. The themes are the team’s colors, so a player’s armor and weapons can match. Each team bundle costs 1,000 in-game credits, which players can purchase for $9.99.

Although OpTic have started off the season strong, a recent change has altered their future. Matt “FormaL” Piper joined the roster after his stint with Sentinels and veteran Justin “iGotUrPistola” Deese was moved to a substitute role on the team. Only time will tell how these changes will affect the team. But one thing is for certain: fans can enjoy the same bright green skin that the OpTic used at LAN.

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