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The retrofuturistic video game series BioShock, which was first released in 2007, is getting the Netflix film adaption treatment. Together with 2K and Take-Two Interactive, the streaming platform is set to adapt BioShock for the small screen.

Netflix’s most recent video game adaption is, of course, Riot Games’ league of Legends animated series “Arcane,” which debuted in the No. 1 spot on the platform. It has since been regarded by many as the best video game adaption so far. And, it is repeatedly brought up in conversation about adaptions of other franchises on social media. While “Arcane” continues to rake up praise from new fans of the League of Legends franchise, as well as existing enthusiasts, Netflix forges steadily ahead with more video game adaptions.


While the gaming community awaits more information about the adaptation, the fact that BioShock’s original creators, 2K and Take-Two Interactive, are working with Netflix may bode well for fan opinion.

However, this sort of partnership between platform and developer doesn’t always spell success. Although Riot Games’ previous video game adaptations, “Arcane” and Castlevania, are held in high esteem, many other adaptations have failed to win favor with the fans, despite the original studios’ involvement. Assassin’s Creed is a famous example of this, and the likes of Warcraft and Tomb Raider were not seen as great successes.

More adaptions are on the way

Apart from the BioShock adaptation, more video game adaptions are coming to the big and small screen, both in the form of film and series. This, of course, includes “Arcane” Season 2,  as well as the Castlevania spin-off, “The Cuphead Show!,” “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners,” “Devil May Cry,” “Splinter Cell” and more.

Meanwhile the live-action adaptions of Netflix’s Resident Evil, HBO’s The Last of Us, Sony’s Metal Gear Solid and Halo are on their way as well.

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