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Warner Bros. Games announced the launch of the MVSGaming Twitter account on Monday. It will be the official social media hub for the competitive MultiVersus community.

The creation of the MVSGaming Twitter account continued a trend followed by a myriad of games, from Apex Legends to Pokémon, which have dedicated accounts that focus on their esports and other competitive scenes. MVSGaming will highlight “all things” competitive MultiVersus, so it could include information about both community-run events and tournaments sponsored by Warner Bros. and Player First Games.

MultiVersus’ first offline major will take place at Evo 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada, from August 5-6. The two-versus-two bracket will have a $100,000 prize pool. In addition, all teams in the top 32 will receive a share of the prize money. Viewers can catch the tournament livestream on the MultiVersus Twitch account.

More about competitive MultiVersus

The first offline MultiVersus major is still more than a week away. However, community organizers have already been hosting online tournaments during the open beta’s early access period. On Sunday, Leviathan and Synume won Justice League: Road to Evo, a 32-team invitational. After losing every set in their round robin pool, they went on a 6-1 run in the main bracket. They ultimately defeated Tyler “mirrorman” Morgan and DJ “RoseJ” A. after a grand finals reset to win the event.

In addition, Conduit Gaming will host the open-bracket CG MultiVersus Open Beta Launch Tournament on Tuesday. The organization is best known for hosting Super Smash Bros. Melee and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl tournaments, along with sponsoring players in those games.

On Tuesday, MultiVersus will grow even larger as LeBron James enters the game and the open beta becomes available to the general public for free. However, neither LeBron nor Iron Giant will be legal at Evo; as a result, it could take some time for these characters to make their official competitive MultiVersus debuts.

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