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Street Fighter 6 Eternity

All about Eternity in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 has a roster full of exciting fighters but it’s not only the playable characters that have made the fighting game a colorful, fun standout for fighting game fans. One NPC that has continued to stand out is Eternity. Here’s everything we know about the exciting announcer.

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Who is Eternity in Street Fighter 6?

You’ll encounter Eternity in the Battle Hub game mode. Eternity is the host of the Battle Hub, where people from all over the world play together online. You are able to interact with Eternity while walking around the Battle Hub, but you can’t play as Eternity.

Eternity is the host of their own show, “Channel Eternity.”

What is Eternity’s gender?

Because of Eternity’s bold and unique appearance, a lot of people have wondered about their identity. Their features, style, and voice have left people feeling that Eternity is pretty ambiguous. This has led some people to assume Eternity is trans, non-binary, or gender fluid — or at least part of the LGBTQ+ in some way. While this has made some people angry and accuse developers of being “woke,” Capcom has never outright made any statements about Eternity’s identity.

Who is the voice of Eternity?

The voice actor for Eternity in the English version of Street Fighter 6 is Vittorio Wyatt Gray. The Japanese voice actor is Natsuki Hanae.