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Although the full launch of the MultiVersus open beta is still one week away, players can get a head start on the game starting Tuesday. Early access to the MultiVersus beta launched today and will remain accessible through the full release of the game.

There are four different methods that players can use to unlock early access. Here’s everything prospective players need to know about how they can start playing MultiVersus right now.

Closed alpha participation

Everyone who participated in the previous closed alpha playtests for MultiVersus has automatically received early access to the open beta. Although player progression from those alphas will not cross over to the beta, any progression players make during early access will carry over after the full game launch.

For participants who playtested MultiVersus on PlayStation or Xbox consoles, the game will automatically update and be available for re-download in their game library. Meanwhile, PC playtesters should have received an email Tuesday with a code they can use to download the open beta.

MultiVersus early access Twitch drops

For anyone who did not get to play in the closed alphas, the easiest and only free way to unlock MultiVersus early access is through Twitch drops. All throughout this week, prospective players can receive an early access code by watching one hour of a MultiVersus streamer who has Twitch drops enabled.

To receive an early access Twitch drop, players must have a Warner Bros. Games account and must link it to their Twitch account. From there, they can check on the status of the reward in their Twitch drops inventory and then claim the code from their Warner Bros. Games account.

Founder’s Pack

Anyone who is eager to jump right in without watching an hour-long Twitch stream can buy early access to the MultiVersus open beta. The Founder’s Pack instantly grants early access to anyone who purchases it. Of course, there are a number of additional rewards available for players who already have early access.

There are three different levels to the Founder’s Pack: the $40 Standard Edition, the $60 Deluxe Edition and the $100 Premium Edition. In general, these packs enable players to instantly unlock characters, obtain rare collectibles and cosmetics, and receive a certain amount of Gleamium, an in-game currency that players can only acquire with real-world money.

Evo 2022 registration

Finally, anyone who has registered for the 2v2 MultiVersus bracket at Evo 2022 will automatically receive early access to the open beta. Just like the PC alpha playtesters, Evo entrants should have already received an email with instructions on how to claim their early access code.

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