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The Pokémon Company International started up a new Twitter page known as Play Pokémon on June 4. The Play Pokémon Twitter page is specifically devoted to sharing information related to Pokémon gameplay. This page will be specifically pertinent for sharing information and tips regarding competitive Pokémon.

The new Play Pokémon Twitter will bridge the gap to an extent between casual and competitive players. Thus far, this has included sharing tips on how to play the VGC and the TCG competitively. This page has also been retweeting new information about the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield, such as news about Dynamax Pokémon.

The Play Pokémon Twitter will also act as a hub for information about playing mobile Pokémon games. This may include Pokémon GO, as well as newly announced applications like Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon Home. The new Twitter page will be a place for players to interact with other trainers across a variety of titles that bear the Pokémon name. Pokémon’s primary Twitter page will remain the main source for information related to Pokémon more broadly.

Play Pokémon Twitter and competitive play

Much like Nintendo Versus, fans may expect the Play Pokémon Twitter page to become an official source for news related to the competitive realm of Pokémon. Pokémon has long catered to both competitive and casual audiences alike. However, with this new Twitter page, the Pokémon Company may be looking to reveal the competitive world to casual players.

Play Pokémon has already tweeted a link to information about raising battle-ready Pokémon. It teaches unfamiliar players about such things as Hidden Abilities, Natures, and EVs and IVs. With this information, anyone can take the steps necessary to pick the best team for competitive Pokémon play.

This new Twitter page will also bridge the gap between players of Pokémon video games and the trading card game. The introduction to the competitive TCG has been a little slower thus far, only focusing on what types of Pokémon cards players may include in their deck. Followers of this page may expect more in-depth details about competing in the TCG later on.

Notably, this page has not yet made any mention of Pokkén Tournament DX. Pokkén fans acknowledged this on the Play Pokémon Twitter’s pinned tweet. If this page does choose to add Pokkén Tournament content to its repertoire, it could mean even bigger things for the state of Pokémon-related competition as a whole.