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While Palworld’s collection of weird and wacky creatures may be what caught the eye of many, if you want to survive in the game, you’ll need to build a Base. Here’s how many Bases you can have in your world.

Of course, it is the Pals that are the stars of the show in this game, but if you get too caught up chasing around after them, you’ll find yourself in trouble. Whether it’s starving to death, freezing to death, or simply not having the resources to do anything fun, Bases are essential in Palworld.

Can you have multiple Bases in Palworld?

Yes, you can have multiple Bases in Palworld. However, there are some restrictions placed in the game to limit how many you can have, and when you can build them.

Your Base is defined by the Palbox, which sets the boundaries of your home. You can, however, build structures freely anywhere in the world, so you can create homes away from home if required. For example, if you find yourself traveling to and from a location often, you could build a base there to store things or for shelter.

You won’t be able to assign any Pals to work in it though, as you won’t have a Palbox for them.

How many Bases can you have in Palworld?

You can have a total of three Bases in Palworld. The first is available early in the game and has no restrictions in terms of when or where you can place it.

Your second Base can only be built when you unlock the second Palbox at Level 10, while the third and final Base can be used when you reach Level 15.

A red haired character standing at their Palbox, a brown and white box with a screen on top.
You’ll need to level up your Palbox. Screenshot via Upcomer

How to build a second Base in Palworld

To build a second base in Palworld, your original Palbox must be Level 10. Otherwise, the option will be locked and you will not be able to do it. There’s no way around this, so get leveling.

Once that has been accomplished, you will be able to build and place your second Palbox wherever you please, creating your second Base.

Do I have to level up my second Palbox from the start?

No, you don’t have to start again and level up your second Palbox. When you place it, it will start at Level 10, meaning you can start placing Pals and sending them to work immediately. The same thing will happen with your third Palbox, which will kick off at Level 15.

Now that you have your Bases, put your creatures to work with our guide to the best Pals for mining and lumbering in Palworld.