How does Fast Travel work in Palworld?
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How does Fast Travel work in Palworld?

Don't spend all your time running around

Palworld sports a giant map for you to traverse, and while you can spend your time running from objective to objective, it’s much easier if you fast travel.

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The fast travel system in Palworld can be slightly difficult to figure out, though, which results in some players not even knowing it exists. Fortunately, I have a guide that shows you the ins and outs of the fast travel system and how you can use it to speed around the map.

How to fast travel in Palworld

The only way to fast travel in Palworld is through the Fast Travel towers or a Palbox in your base. The towers are large white, stone structures are spread all over the map and the only way you can use them is by finding each one in their dedicated location. With the Palbox, you can use any one of them in a base to fast travel to another Palbox or Fast Travel tower.

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Once you discover a Fast Travel tower, you can use it to fast travel to other Fast Travel towers around the map. The biggest caveat with the fast travel system in Palworld is you can only use the system while interacting with a Fast Travel tower. So, for example, you can’t fast travel if you’re standing in a random part of the world. You can only fast travel if you’re standing in front of a Fast Travel tower.

This means it’s highly recommended for you to discover as many Fast Travel towers as you can. This will make your life much easier, especially if you want to travel to a far-away location on the map. Another caveat is you can only fast travel to other Fast Travel towers on the map. You can’t fast travel to any random location, even if you are at a Fast Travel tower.

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How to find Fast Travel towers in Palworld

The best way to go about finding Fast Travel towers is to simply travel around the map. If you look at the top of your compass, you’ll notice the fast travel icon on it (which looks like a bird). By following the direction of this icon, you’ll eventually find a Fast Travel tower.

You just have to keep repeating this process until you find enough Fast Travel towers to satisfy your needs. There are dozens of them scattered around the map, though, so it will take you a long time to find them all in Palworld.

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